Arcade Legends OLD SCHOOL ONSLAUGHT + SFIV *9-6-09* Fairfield, OH

Only the toughest of the toughies and the sharpest of the sharpies could even hope to win at a ducktales contest.

Good Idea.

Voulkan: shut yo mouff! You live two miles away. There’s no excuse for you not to come. -_-;

Mow: if it is a competitive two player game then we’ll check it out if we can.

Angelo: I concure.

I love Ducktales but can’t really see how it would work with our format. We are trying to keep each match to a reasonable length so some games just won’t work.

Score attack for one of the stages maybe?

Hey Jesse so Ive started working on that poster. I actually would like to come in contact with you soon about some things in dealing with the poster and what not.

You can call me here on Monday or Wednesday at 513-874-8766 or if you are coming to any of the tournaments coming up we can chat about it then.

Awwwww lawdy! You’s funny cracka!

I just added some SNES and SEGA GENESIS games to the list. Keep the suggestions coming and I’ll try to locate some of these games.

bwahahaha i will be there for

for sf4

thats it


I should be down for this, cause I’ll kind of probably ask off for it too.

It’s not a confirmed thing either but my friend could be coming down, too.

Yo, I’m coming and probably bringing some Columbus folks with me.

I want to make an easy suggestion. Samurai Kirby on SNES Kirby Super Star.

Too serious.

Oooooh snaaaap. Keith is coming for 4! You should just play in the old school tourney too.

Avi: “probably” bringing people with you? No. You ARE bringing people with you. I expect nothing less from you!! Or face my wrath.

This is going to be awesome. I can’t wait.

I have to work. I’ve never made it to one of these. I need a new job. This one sucks and I only get shitty days off. And quan…honestly…you’re not smashing derricks chances of winning money, if anything you’re contributing to his pockets, let’s be real here son.

Yeah… You Bring Yourself, fool.

TvC money match.

For real on the match, jk on the trash talk. You’re a cool guy, got nothing but love for Columbus.

I’m down for that. I think I have the game at home. If I do, I will add it to the list. If not, I can still add it if you can guarantee you can bring it.

Eric: I swear to God I will learn how to play TvC and I will get my dollar and more back from you. This is war. I just want to warn you a head of time. I will never come last again in TvC.

The giant golden refigerator/lighter will have its revenge.

I’ll only play TVC if you agree to play only Alex teams vs. Gold Lightan, and only use super meter for Stun-Gun headbutt.

Keith won that tournament, you kinda have to get your dollar back from him…

That was one of the highlights of the night, for sure. But yeah, you are on.

Of course as always, it’s gonna be till Wednesday till I know how well my schedule pans out in favor of this tournament but I should be able to skate by for at least SFIV.

Eric: yeah, but you were the one who knocked me out. Not Keith. I’m coming for your blood.

if anyones up for kof12 casuals ill bring the recording setup. kirby super star is serious!