Arcade Legends OLD SCHOOL ONSLAUGHT + SFIV results

I must say this was one of the most fun tournaments we’ve had so far. Thanks to everyone who came out. I definitely plan on doing it again. Next time on a Saturday so we can get a bigger crowd. In the meantime I’ll be on the search for more games to subject you guys to. Thanks to Face for initiating the epic Samurai Kirby tourney. Next time we will do a full double elim tourney. Full results below.

Old School Onslaught:

  1. Avi (Columbus)
  2. Face (Columbus)
  3. ailerus (Cincinnati)
  4. Dandy J (Columbus)
  5. Osirun (Dayton)
  6. Josh Ballard (Cleveland)
  7. RadicalEdward101 (Columbus)
  8. Abe Lincoln (Columbus)
  9. Antic (Cincinnati)
  10. King Chadwick (Cincinnati)
  11. Pope Temmy (Dayton)
  12. Voulkan (Cincinnati)
  13. ralphus (Dayton)
  14. Rakae (Columbus)
  15. Mow (Cincinnati)


  1. Josh Ballard (Cleveland)
  2. Voulkan (Cincinnati)
  3. Derrick Legend (Cincinnati)
  4. Neon Geon (Cincinnati)
  5. King Chadwick (Cincinnati)
  6. Dandy J (Columbus)
  7. San (Columbus)
  8. Digital717 (Cincinnati)
  9. Rakae (Columbus)
  10. ailerus (Cincinnati)
  11. Osirun (Dayton)
  12. RadicalEdward101 (Columbus)
  13. Pope Temmy (Dayton)
  14. Sinow (Cincinnati)
  15. Diego (Cincinnati)

Samurai Kirby:

  1. Rakae
  2. Avi
  3. Face
  4. Arcade Legends
  5. Mow
  6. Osirun
  7. Anchor
  8. King Chadwick
  9. Norfair
  10. RadicalEdward101
  11. Neon Geon
  12. Dandy J
  13. ailerus
  14. Josh Ballard
  15. Pope Temmy
  16. Abe Lincoln
  17. Volukan

Good job in Samurai Kirby Rakae, I love that game! Shit’s way more high-level than sf4. :wgrin:

GJ Josh.

Sup DB, Yeah that’s the first time I had played Samurai Kirby, it is not to bad.

Josh B as always I love watching your Seth in action. Someday I will be there.

Voulkan & Derrick Legend next time I come down I will be looking for my rerematch,
Good games.

Arcade legends you know how to throw a party, Makes me sad I don’t live closer.

I played pretty shitty but it was still fun! Good shit everyone.