Arcade Legends RANBAT AFTER-PARTY TOURNAMENTS *Sept 12 & 25* Cincy, OH

September will be packed with opportunities for you guys to get some good practice in for SB4 here at AL. It seems like SFIV and BB is what everyone is seriously training for so by popular demand…

Games: Street Fighter IV, BlazBlue, Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike*, Tatsunoko vs Capcom**

Cost: $5 per game. Teams are $5 per player or $10 per team
Payout is 70/20/10 for singles and 70/30 for teams

When: Saturday after the ranbats September 12th and 26th. Click here for the ranbat schedule -


Sept 12th - SFIV 2v2 @ 630pm & *Mario (Riot Guard) will be running a 3s side tourney. Only $2 entry. Double elim.

Sept 26th - BB 2v2 @ 630pm & **Pope Temmy will be running a Tatsunoko vs Capcom side tourney. Details to come.

Best of 3 - Double elimination FOR ALL GAMES
Each match is 3 rounds and you must win 2/3 3 round games to advance
Grand Finals, Winner’s Finals and Loser’s Finals will be 3/5 matches.
This is a BYOC event. We will have one nice Sanwa/Seimitsu modded fight stick and a PS3 pad available for use during the tournament.

BlazBlue: Gold/unlimited/super saiyan characters are banned. no button mapping/binding for the right analog stick.
SFIV: no character bans.
Winner Keeps same character(s)/Loser may Change character(s)

2v2 tournies will be the Waseda style rules used at EVO this year.

Where: 2 miles off exit 42 on I-275 in Fairfield. About 20 minutes North of downtown Cincinnati. 45 Minutes from Dayton.

5951-3 Boymel Dr.
Fairfield, OH 45014

We will need the following setups on the following days. Free admission to whomever brings a setup for the whole shebang. Highest priority to someone coming for the ranbat and the after tournament. Thanks.


  1. PS3 with SFIV -
  2. PS3 with SFIV & HDR and a PS2 (console only) - Osirun


  1. PS3 with BB and a PS2 with GGAC- Osirun
  2. PS3 with BB - Otter

If someone is interested in running a side tourney on PS2 (GGAC, 3s, etc) or even Marvel on Dreamcast, I’m all for that as long as you bring the setups and games. We have the TVs and one PS2 with 3s and GGAC & one Dreamcast with MvC2. We can use my computer for the brackets. This offer is only good on the 12th and 25th as all setups will be used on the 19th for both games. If someone intends to do this, let me know ASAP so I can be ready for it.

I can bring a PS3 and BB on the 25th.

Probly won’t be around until then :frowning:

Can’t wait for you to have Third Strike running!!!

Oh, can teams use the same character?

shouldn’t it be the 26th and not the 25th?

I’ll be down there and have a PS2+GG for that weekend. do I need to have a PS3 as well for free admission?

Jessie, on any day I come, I’d be interested in running another TvC side tournament like or similar to the one I ran in Indianapolis this past weekend. If I can lock down a day to come I would love to do this.

I can also probably donate set-ups for 2v2 days if I can get off works.

I would definitely like to have a side tourney for 3s on the 12th. I will bring my ps2 just in case.

Got you down Lee. I updated the post with the same character info (which by the way is NO same character teams).

I changed the date. Thanks for noticing. I’d prefer the free admission go to someone that has both systems. If I can’t find someone who has both, you will be next in line to bring the PS2 and get in free.

Eric, if you want to run TvC on the 26th you need to let me know ASAP otherwise someone else could fill that spot. I will put you down for a setup when you can confirm you are coming.

So be it Mario. I sent you a PM about it.

This should be very good! I’m pretty sure the 19th is out for me (going to the RenFest!), but fortunately that leaves both team days open!

I was thinking $2 double elimination or possibly $2 single elims because of time. We could also do $5 double elims instead. What ever gets people interested. I can’t let my game die :shake:.

I think my two friends and I might be in Columbus on 9/19 – if that’s the case I’ll see if I can get them to drive down for the evening tourneys. He still hasn’t been to Legends.

I’ll try to ask him today about finalizing this plan so I can confirm whether we can bring a setup.

That would be fantastic Chris. Always nice to have the Cleveland crew. You have to come set another record. Also, I have the SuperGun ready to play. We can hook it up after the tournies are over that evening. I have an NBA Jam board but I haven’t figured out how to hook up the sound board yet. Shouldn’t be too incredibly hard.


Yeah man. I’m still waiting on my friend to OK it. Hopefully he’ll send me an e-mail soon I can confirm that they can do it.

edit: Yeah, it’s looking pretty good. Even if they don’t want to make it, I can drive separate, do the C-bus thing, then drive to Cincy afterwards for the tourney. yeeeeeeeeea! If you get other people to fill your hardware needs, go with them, but I’ll still bring my system + games anyway. I’ll confirm if I can though beforehand

I’m going to Japan tomorrow thru Sept. 13 so LOOK OUT when I bring all the Jap strats back. lol no. I’ll prob get scraped even at the games I’m OK at and not learn anything, haha. I am gonna get some SFIV in though. I’m taking my camcorder and will prob upload stuff to the MidwestFightingGames YouTube if anyone will wanna see them.

Updated with 3s added. How did you want this paid out Mario? Winner take all? 70/30? entry buys pizza for everyone who plays 3s?

wait what day is hdr on

Damn, any chance of 3s going to Sept. 19 :slight_smile: If not, Mario will you still be at that one? We could at least get some games in

The HDR ranbat is on Sept 12th. There is a link in the first post that will take you right to the ranbat page with all the details.

Can’t wait to see the chronicles of your journey!

Man, you lucky dog. I’d definitely like to see some inside footage of the arcades. You know Indy is in Japan too? What city are you going to? I wanna finish out the 3s ranbat so I definitely gotta go on the 12th. If someone from Indy will drive I could make it out on the 19th. I’ve been driving a ton.

Jesse- That pizza idea sounds good, either way I’m down. I’ll just see what others want to do and go from there.

Jessie, put me down for running TvC.

I’ve got this. I was thinking depending on the entrants and entry fee it’s winner takes all or split like normal.

You are running the show so you decide the entry fee and prize and let me know. I will post it up.

YES! Film as much as possible.

also, is anyone going on the 19th? I want to get to a SF4 event before SB4, but that is Smash day so I might be the only entrant for the side tournaments.