Arcade Legends RANKING BATTLES Season 1 -- Final Results


Sorry that this is soooooooooooo stupidly late. These are the final ranbat Season 1 results:

Street Fighter IV:

  1. Derrick Legend
  2. Neon Geon
  3. Actionhank

SFIII: 3rd stirke:

  1. Riot Guard
  2. Actionhank
  3. Derrick Legend


  1. Steel Samurai
  2. The Great Muldini
  3. Lunar2


  1. Kyle
  2. Josh Ballard
  3. Jack G

Guilty Gear Accent Core:

  1. Kyle
  2. Josh Ballard
  3. Brent-Quest

Thanks to all those who supported the scene and came every month. I’m changing the format up a bit for next season and I will have it posted soon.


congrats guys!

btw jackg and i should be reversed for BB

hope to make it out there again soon, school’s been too serious lately!