Arcade Legends RANKING BATTLES Season 2 *SFIV, MvC2, T6, BB, GGAC* Cincinnati, OH


:tup: Good stuff.


I have a 3rd Strike setup at the arcade so that won’t be an issue. I’ll put it down as a side tourney with the entry fee to be decided.

Also, I will go ahead and change the dates, otherwise we’d have a ghost town at those ranbats.


I would come out for 3s, but it’s been pretty low in entries the last couple of times. You should start a pre-reg list to get an idea of the turnout.


I’d say that since it’s a low dollar side tourney, it’s not going to get a big turnout… sadly. Just telling the truth. If anyone would like to post who’s planning on entering the 3s tourney, maybe you can sway Mario to come.


I’ll enter the 3S side tourney on the 28th. Why not? I’ll have to actually practice, though . . .


I’ll play, of course. If it would sway anybody’s interest, I don’t see why we couldn’t boost it up to $5 entry or something. I’ll try asking in the Dayton and Cincinatti threads to see if anybody wants to join up.


I’m always interested in 3s tournies, but you’re typically looking at an average of 8 players per 3s tourney…sometimes less. Plus you’ll always be playing the same 8 faces at every tourney if one does go down, unless you start making dollar side tourneys the standard.


Jesse, just letting you know LOC has expressed interest in this over at TZ.

Also is it possible for us to run a T6 2 vs 2 side tournament on one of the days that we are running the T6 ranbats if we have time? I figured since we are all there already.



That would great. If you started it about an hour after the ranbat that would be good so we were well underway. Do you want to do that on the 21st? We could do it for every ranbat if you wanted. Come up with an entry fee you think everyone will be ok with and let me know. I’ll post it up on the second post with all the side tourney info


Thanks Jesse. We probably won’t do it at the first ranbat. Maybe at the one after.

In regards to the entry fee, I will see what people are willing to pay. I think $2 a person should be good (being a side tourney and all). Winners take all and split the pot.

If people want to pay more or less, let me know via this thread or PM.



For this Saturday, I will need someone to bring a PS3 with BB and a PS2 with GGAC. Free admission to someone if they have both. Half off if you can only supply one of the two. First to post up gets it. Also, if someone else can bring just a copy of BB for PS3 I’ll knock a couple bucks off admission or give you one of those tasty energy drinks

Same for T6. I will need one setup of a PS3 and T6. I will also need an additional disc only for T6. Post up if you can supply.

If by some miracle someone is coming for the whole shebang and can supply for it all, I will give free admission and something extra. We’ll figure it out if that happens.

Also, there is still an opening Saturday evening if someone wants to throw a side tourney after BB/GGAC ranbats. Maybe Melty Blood? BB 2v2? Shaq-Fu? If anyone is interested, let me know.


I have PS2/AC and BB/PS3 :x

I also support the BB 2v2 idea, if we can get a reasonable number of teams.


I won’t be making it to the first ranbat this month, but I will see you all for the second one. I’ll make sure to catch up in BB rankings in December, lol


I have a ps3 and BB with all astral heats unlocked (if that matters to anyone) as well that I could offer up as well. Let me know if you need it. I’ll probably be bringing it anyway.

BB 2v2 sounds fun.


I’m planning on being there on Saturday. I will bring a ps2 with GG just in case, but since I’m two hours away it’s probably not a good idea to rely on just me for it. I would definitely play a Melty Blood side tournament though.

I expect some good people to totally destroy me in GG, I really want to improve.


I can bring a setup for SF4 when the time comes. Will alpha 3 be in the showcase?


I’ll know in a couple of days if I can make it for the ranbat, Jesse. I have a PS2 with GG, a PS3 with all the trimmings (Cept that T6) so… You know I’m good for it.

I don’t know anyone outside of Columbus that has Melty Blood. (Though I probably would if my PS2 was modded sufficiently.)


I can bring Melty Blood as well.


Kitty, you get the free admission for Saturday! I’ll just need an extra BB disc for the third setup. We can just see what kind of interest there is for a 2v2 on Saturday and take it from there. I have no Melty Blood so if you guys want to do that as a side tourney it will all have to be brought

You have first dibs for the free admission for the SFIV ranbat, Lee. Alpha 3 CAN be in the showcase but right now it’s back to CvS2. It’s an easy switch though.

For those who are coming Saturday, which game would you like to see in the Showcase cab - SF Alpha 3, CvS2 or GGXX Slash?


I would love to play some Slash, it’s always fun to replay older games every now and then.