Arcade Legends RANKING BATTLES Season 2 *SFIV, MvC2, T6, BB, GGAC* Cincinnati, OH


Unfortunately I’ll only be able to make the SF4 ranbats. I wish I could make the tekken days, but some lame people who don’t want to play tekken are holding me back.


I have a favor to ask. If I am able to make it Saturday or on the 28th can I bring a setup for HNK/3s. Figured you might not have room with all the games going on.


Certainly. During either ranbat, we will have at least 2 extra stations available for casuals so bring what you’d like.




I might be a little late but I’ll try to make it out to AL this Saturday, I promise!


Well call Amanda or me to let us know and we can put you on the brackets. Unless of course you mean over an hour late.


Way over, actually. 2:30 is when I get off of work on Saturday so…


Hey Jesse! I can bring a PS3, T6, and a TV this Saturday. I will be showing up around 5-5:30pm.


Unless Riotguard is coming and can bring some friends, 3S sidetourney is looking kinda abysmal .-. only 3 people pre-interested. Maybe if we call for signups at the arcade a couple hours ahead of time we can get some randoms to join in.


Thanks Dave. You don’t need bring the TV though. I have enough at the arcade.

Will someone else commit to just bringing their disc?


I’ll be there this Sat. but not next Sat. for the tourney. No one from Indy really plays 3s except me and one other guy so I couldn’t bring enough people to enter.

Adam are you going to be there Saturday?


I vote January 2nd for the second SF ranbat.


I was wondering if anyone would ever chime in about that. It doesn’t seem that anyone else has a problem with the 26th though. Anyone?


I might show up, we’ll see how money is looking, if I go I guess I’ll enter Tekken and get smoked…I’ll let you know tomorrow.


The more the merrier!

I should be there Saturday. I just need to figure how I am getting there.



Well, looks like I won’t be going this weekend, research work took over, deadlines :tdown:


Still up in the air about attendance, but you can add MBAA to the last of crap I can provide for play.

If I do come, I might be terribly interested in dusting off that good old TvC… Hopefully Luke and Keith come out, then!


Ill bring the disc Jesse , and if you need another setup Ill have mine. I always bring it.

Btw Im in for KI2 as a post tournament for one of the ranbat days!


fuck fuck fuck.

I can’t find my PS2. I have my copy of guilty gear, so if somebody else can please bring in their PS2 incase we can’t get ours.


EDIT* First Season 2 ranbat was lots of fun. We had Indianpolis, Dayton, Lexington, COLUMBUS (sorry Jetm) and Cincy representing. Congrats to Kyle, Brent-Quest and Skeez for taking top prize in their games. I’ll have full results up tomorrow afternoon at the top of this thread. Easier to locate that way for updating standings each month.

Don’t forget, we have an epic Jackie Chan:Fists of Fire side tourney after the ranbats next week. It will blow your mind and then stuff it back in your head.