Arcade Legends RANKING BATTLES -- September Results


September 12th, 2009

Street Fighter IV
1: Derrick Legend (Cincinnati) - 9 points
2: Geon (Cincinnati) - 8 points
3: Actionhank (Dayton) - 7 points
4: King Chadwick (Cincinnati) - 6 points
5: Riot Guard (Indianapolis) - 5 points
6: Yeti (Cincinnati) - 4 points
7: Mr Gone (Indianapolis) - 3 points
8: ailerus (Cincinnati) - 2 points
9: Osirun (Dayton) - 1 point for 9th place and below
10: Murderbydeath (Dayton)
11: Sinow Beat (Cincinnati)

Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix
1: Murderbydeath - 9 points
2: Derrick Legend - 8 points
3: Actionhank - 7 points
4: Mr Gone (Indianapolis) - 6 points
5: Yeti - 5 points
6: Sinow Beat - 4 points
7: King Chadwick - 3 points
8: Geon - 2 points
9: Osirun - 1 point for 9th place and below
10: ailerus

Street Fighter 3: 3rd Strike
1: Riot Guard - 9 points
2: Actionhank - 8 points
3: Derrick Legend - 7 points
4: Mr Gone - 6 points
5: Geon - 5 points
6: Yeti - 4 points
7: Murderbydeath - 3 points
8: Sinow Beat - 2 points
9: King Chadwick - 1 point for 9th place and below
10: Osirun
11: ailerus

All games in this ranbat were played in round robin format due to small turnout.

Side tournament results forthcoming.


GS derrick legend and Riotguard.


No love for me? I see how it is :frowning:


No love for you since your not “tubbie core” you get no respect until the baby sun destroys URTH! Tubbie custard time go inside b4 you die. Good games to everyone i played. Hyper Alpha ftw



Good shit.


Humbag- thanks man.

GG’s to everyone. Adam, Mr. bag of tricks with the fierce Akuma. Lotta fun matches. Thanks to Pope Temmy for recording em.

Jason- Those Dudley mirrors were so much fun. Man, I wanted to record some of those.

Quentin- GG’s man, I gotta little hype when that super landed. I thought for sure I was outs range.

Hateful shoutout to bad traffic. About 40 miles outside of Indianapolis we hit stand still traffic. Didn’t move a foot for about an hour. Justin knows what I’m talkin about, farmers are not supposed to farm, they are expected to build side roads using only Oregon Trail oxens for emergencies like these.


GGs Mario, hopefully Temmy puts gives those matches to Nathan, down to the wire for sure. Your Dudley just gets scarier by the minute, those resets are too good.

To everyone that came out to all the ranbats, GS, hope you all had a good time, even if you got destroyed in games you don’t necessarily play. If anyone is still interested in learning 3s I’m thinking of having a 3s only session coming up, location to be determined.

Derrick and Keith: Good stuff, I don’t have the crazy patience you guys have to win at 4, you might still like Akuma with time Derrick, and I know you’ll be just as scary. Keith :smokin: you know what it is.

Cinci/Dayton: Good seeing everyone again, GG’s in anything we may have played. Luke and I got top 2 scores on Revolution-X on LOCK for a long time. That game does not fuck around.

Jesse thanks for running everything and all the free admission tickets and energy drinks, it’s always appreciated. Next time I come down I’ll have that BB copy with me.


it’s a 90s midway arcade game, that’s how they all are

for another example at arcade legends, try smash TV!

if you guys got narc & total carnage you could have a beastly all-midway competition of some sort

oh yeah, and good shit to all the usual heads =)


GGs Mario and Justin. You should have taken the assistance of the indian to cross the river.


Till I can get the footage to Nathan I got the 3s GFs right there.


Ha, I forgot about that. People died from dysentery and Tuberculosis in that game too much. First horror game ever made. Resident Evil is just jocking.