ARCADE LEGENDS "Rodactyl vs. The Ball and Chain: Yellow Boots and Tuxedos" 8-28-09

So here we have our first ever SRK Bachelor Party tournament! One of your very own fellow SRK members is taking the leap and they want you to join them and their friends in some MvC2 and SFIV action. They are coming from Louisville and would like some fierce Cincy/Dayton/Columbus competition. Now I know that the Naptown tourney is the next day AND this tourney is at 3pm on a Friday so I don’t realistically expect a large amount of people to travel to this. But for those of you who can’t make Naptown, who don’t work a regular 9to5 or who want to get some good practice in before Naptown and want to play some fresh blood in Cincy, this is your dance.

If you know you are coming, please comment here on the thread or PM me with your name/location/games. We already have 14 confirmed so it should be a good turnout for Friday afternoon.

When: Friday August 28th at 3pm

Marvel vs Capcom 2* - see below
Street Fighter IV - PS3**
Double elimination
Start time is 3pm for both games

Cost: $10 entry into the arcade. $5 per game tournament fee. The money is split 70/20/10.
For those of you who haven’t been to AL yet, we have over 50 arcade games and pinball machines all set on FREE PLAY. Your $10 entry fee covers all you can play as long as you are here! Stay after the tournament and play some arcade games. We will be open until midnight that night (and every night except Sundays). Check out our website for a list of our games:

Arcade Legends
5951-3 Boymel Dr.
Fairfield, OH 45014

*For MvC2 we will definitely be using our arcade cabinet. We are hoping that the PSN version of the game coming this week is not buggy like the 360 version. If the PSN version is bad, I will try to get at least one Dreamcast setup. Anyone who is coming that has a PS3 with SFIV and Dreamcast setup for MvC2 and will bring them, I will waive the venue fee.

**As with all of our tournaments, we will have an XBOX360 station available for SFIV. If both opponents agree to play on the 360, that’s great. It’s always ready for you. If one person wants to play on PS3, you play on PS3 as that is the default system. This is a bring your own stick event, as always, but there’s always nice folks who will loan a stick to those in need. We do have one nice PS3 SE house stick that can be loaned out as well so not having a stick shouldn’t keep you from coming.

SFIV: no bans
MvC2: No game-breaking glitches; Juggernauts glitch is allowed. Winner keeps the SAME team/SAME order. Loser can change everything.

awesome! this will be after my final! time to play!

I usually sleep at this time but I think i’ll try and make it.

What is that title from?

Who’s getting married?

Where did I put my car keys?

I’m going to naptown, but we will see what happens.

Oh, and using just the mahvel cab with the good buttons should be fine. Ussuming only 10-20 people play. The other one is…well, it wouldnt be fair to make some players use it and not others.

We will only have the one cab with the good sticks and buttons. The other one is getting picked up tonight. Good riddance.

Rodactyl (Robbie)
Josh Hallstar
Digitalbooty (Mark [me])
SolMurderBurger (TJ)
Sado (DJ)
Chris Stone
Shawn McGuire
Mark Wooldridge
Kenneth Wooldridge
Austin Herdon
Nick Bishop
Robbie Analogue (Chris)
YK_KOF (Young)

All of these people will be there playing both games.


i will be there and accepting all MONEY MATCHES on the SF2 machine and 3s/HDR/karnov/darkstalkers/motherfuckin megaman soccer GIVE ME YOUR MONEY

Diego, Derrick, Mike South and Sluch, GET IN THERE, Columbus and Dayton, Quan where you at.

Jesse if you’ll need help I’ll see if I can get the 28th off.

I’ll be there if I have a ride. Same with the Naptown tourney. I need to get some Marvel in.

Interesting. Chris Stone as in Christ One? I’ll be there.

Odds are people who already live in or near Cinci will just go to yours on the 28th. Most probably wouldn’t pay to play in 2 tourneys back to back anyway. If I were in there shoes I would just save the money and go to the one in town.

This isn’t anywhere near the calibur of tournament that Naptown will be. We have 2 games, they have what 7, 8?

I don’t think this tourney will sway anyone who was planning on going to Naptown since it’s a Friday afternoon. Most people work then and already made plans to be off and go to Naptown Saturday. If anything, it will just be for those who can’t make the trip to Indy or who just want to play in every possible tournament. Plus this isn’t big money to play or win so that’s usually a deterrent for those from too far.

Hopefully this isn’t seen as stepping on any toes. That’s why I didn’t originally plan a tournament or ranbat this weekend. This one sort of fell into our laps.

I’m interested in potentially signing up, but uh… Double eliminations? I have to find a partner or something like that? or is it Winners / losers brackets.

Winners/losers brackets. It would called a “teams” or “2v2”, “3v3”, etc. tournament if you needed a partner. Hope to see you there.


me and young kim are willing to play anyone in 3s 2v2, name your terms.

Hopefully both tourneys get a good turnout.

I know DJ will like this news. I just put Super Street Fighter II Turbo in and the cabinet has all new competition sticks and buttons. Another game for some MMs?

its on like traffic lights.

I’ll more than likely be up there. Right after school.

so, it should work out

Glad to hear it. Is that a Sagat avatar? did you change your main?