ARCADE LEGENDS "Rodactyl vs. The Ball and Chain: Yellow Boots and Tuxedos" 8-28-09

no. I was messing around with him because I was thinking about it. But it didnt work out.

Plus I thought it was neat :smiley:

that sf2 machine on your website is a HF cabinet? and dj is gonna be there? :rolleyes:

It should be a ST cabinet now, I believe…

I’ll shoot to make this…I am going to Naptown. If Nati/NKY crew will be there, BRING SC4/PS3. And as always, I’ll have gas funds if needed. Who wants to take me? XD

We don’t have an ST marquee so it still looks like it has HF in it but it is definitely ST. DJ will be here according to the list of attendees I recieved.

im trying to put a face/name with the srk name but i cant remember who you are KT, you live in cinci tho right?

im pretty sure we go thru cinci to get to fairfeild and if thats the case i can pick you up (pretty sure theres 1 spot open in my car) call me up

502-608-6046 if you aint got it.

Work and transportation willing, I will be in this.

Kam (The Real KT) is in Dayton. Maybe he could bum a ride with Eric (Pope Temmy) if he can make it.

will there be a stripper in a cake?!!? :slight_smile:

It would have to be in the parking lot :wonder:

If anyone out there knows they are coming for sure, please post it or pm me and I will get you on the brackets. THANKS

Yup i’m coming for sure. sign me up :smiley: (for sf4)

Yeh, me (Iron Zhangief) and KronDragon will be there too. We are bringing one more. but im not 100% sure if he’s entering too.

What’s up everyone!?

I’ll be there after I get out of work that day. I probably won’t be there til about 6pm, but I’ll be there 4 sure. :tup:

Take it easy & have a good one. Peace. :china:

cmon people! come! it’s today!

I was almost here, Jessie. But freaking work got in the way.

I’ll see you guys next weekend though, I’d wager. Just… not today, unless there is some sort of early christmas miracle… :frowning: