Arcade Locations in Hong Kong

I was wondering if anyone here knew of some good arcade locations to play at in Hong Kong. Preferably the ones that have high tier competition going on. I’m visiting HK for the first time in 17 years at the end of the month and i fully intend on hitting up some SF action but i don’t know where to start. If someone could point me in the right direction it’d be appreciated.



The best arcade in HK had closed down a few months ago, which was Cyber City in Mong Kok. Not every arcade has all SF games, you would go to different ones depending which ones you play. For 3S and MvC2, I would suggest you to go to Namco in CausewayBay, they have around 4 Versus City’s worth of 3S there, and around 2 VC cabs of MvC2. For CvS2, go to GameMax in CausewayBay, they have 2 Versus City’s of it. Almost every arcade has HSFII, so no worries on that.

Edit: If you could read Chinese, you can figure out EVERYTHING on here -

Helped me out alot during the summer.

Yea I was gonna say Cyber city, but I didn’t know that they closed down :frowning: damn. Now where am I gonna get hongkong SFEX2+ match videos >.<

thanks guys i’ll definitly hit up those two arcades.


Cyber City closed eh, last I heard most of the good players play at Tai Po. I’m not really sure where since I’ve not been back in a while but the guy I talked to said there’s an arcade near some bridge.

I’m guessing this is a arcade?

Not sure what game it is you’re looking to play, the link you posted was for some guys who play EX2 plus, had no idea on the place they were talking about though. Anyways, this thread has a list of places that have 3S machines…

Well I’m pretty sure that they’d have more than just SFEX2+ machines in that arcade lol

looks like one of the threads there mention 2 places. 1 called Shatin fun zone and the other being Jianshazui Hsin Kang possibly?

I didn’t post that because some are inaccurate. Cyber City closed down long time ago, but its still on the list.

Yeah, I was in HK for christmas with my dad and was hopin to get in some 3s at Cyber City, that sucked a lot. Worst is that my dad’s in Mongolia for the next few years so no good arcades when I visit him AT ALL.

Yeah, I knew that the list was dated but thought what-the-hey.

Last time I was in HK I moslty played over in Shatin funzone.

Anyhows, as I mentioned, Tai Po seems to be a popular place for high level 3S players, from the list there’s 2 supposed locations; Gum Yuen and Yuw Hey Sing. Note, I can’t ping yum for shit -_-’

TST (or Tsimshastui) 88 and Gum Sing both get a recent mentioning on page 3 of that thread, so it seems like they still have 3S cabinets.

Funny that you posted this thread, I’m going to be leaving for Hong Kong on Thursday. What is the level of competition in these arcades? Also, I’m assuming that the hot night to be there is either Friday or Saturday?

Not having been back for a few years I can’t say from 1st hand, but down in London some folks reckon that the comp there is below jap standard, but higher than a lot of other countries, if you find the right place though.

In terms of the best time to go? I don’t know if there are more peeps in the weekend, but most places close around 11ish so you’ll prolly find peeps there almost everynight of the week.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday’s are where mostly the best players play. Read the Fightclub forums for more info though. Have a fun and safe trip!

It’ll be good for peeps who come back from HK to let us know how the 3S scene is over there :smiley:

Oh, this is funny too: I’m going to be staying in San Francisco for two days also. You’ll have to let me know where the 3S scene is there.

i’m gonna be running a BLOG of my arcade experiences over there… so i’ll post it up here so you guys can check it out when i’m there :stuck_out_tongue:


Great man, can you take pics? Pleeeeeeease?


will do… so next time any SRKer’s go to HK… they know where the action is at.