Arcade Machine Blocking Sounds (Finally a Mod for the PC version)

I noticed that the arcade machine block sounds differ from the console and pc versions counterparts. I figured that there must have been a request for this already, but I couldn’t find anything.

So, does anyone know of a PC sound mod for the arcade machine block sounds?

We did it!

Update 4:
Even better Quality, lowered volume a bit, included fireball hit sound

Update 3:
Better Quality, adjusted volume. (Old, louder version)

I don’t think there’s one available … I’ve tried searching. It’s probably possible to clip the sound out of a video, but I dunno if it’s worth the effort.

I’m looking for hd arcade machine footage to rip it from, help very much appreciated.

You guys read my mind :bgrin:

Can’t you just rip from a 720p youtube video and just create the file for PC modding? What folder in the PC version is the blocking sound anyways?

This one may help:


No. Too much background noise. You would get a horribly compressed soundeffect along with the background music and any voices playing during the capture.

Yeah I tried ripping, but it sounds terrible.

Best result would probably come from finding the arcade version online somewhere. Good luck with that, though. I know I sure couldn’t.

My interest in getting the arcade version’s files was for the soundtrack. Seems it uses ADX instead of AAX like the consoles do.

Is there a chance the arcade version may be floating around somewhere? When the arcade boots up, it just loads like a plain ol’ pc.

It’s unlikely … the platform that SF4 runs on was compromised only recently, and at this point there’s no real interest in “illegitimate” arcade copies.

Maybe, but I wouldn’t mind having it running for a more enjoyable experience. :wink:

Can anybody direct me to the actual file(s) that are the actual blocking sounds in the SF4 PC directory? I may have something that works for this file. Thanks.

Has anyone unzipped the iphone version of SF4? In the Payload folder you will find all the sound fx files that are .wav format. They won’t play normally however as a normal .wav file. If you try opening any media player, it gives an error and says the format cannot be played back. Somehow these files are encoded to where you just can’t move them around and swap them out for others. The funny thing is, the arcade block sounds and fireball hit sounds are used on the iphone app, so if anyone can figure out how to decode the .wav file in the iphone app payload folder, we will all be soon enjoying the arcade sounds we want. Anyone here willing to give it a shot? I have the 3 files if you need them.

I’ll give it a shot, just send me the files.

Edit: Nevermind, got them. Trying to convert them now.

I’m trying to decode the wave files. I found a key-data-mapping in one of the files on the ipa…


I’m pretty sure those keys are used to decrypt those. The keys look like Base64 to me and by converting them I got the following 20 bytes:
[‘9b’, ‘d5’, ‘55’, ‘f7’, ‘3c’, ‘6a’, ‘6e’, ‘ee’, ‘36’, ‘6c’, ‘6c’, ‘cc’, ‘7a’, ‘a3’, ‘a6’, ‘95’, ‘fb’, ‘de’, ‘49’, ‘92’]

Now… I need to find a way to decrypt the files. 160 bit encryption that is.

Good work so far, and if you need anything, I’ll be more than happy to help. You also know how to access the same files in the PC folder, correct? Another good file to change would be the “hit_shell.wav”, which in the ipa, is the acrade version of the sound fx when you don’t block a fireball.

Still working on decoding… if I find a way I’ll basically have access to all the files.

Yeah I was also looking for that a long time ago but couldn’t find the original wav. file, so nice the Iphone vesion uses the arcade block sound.

You got all my support dude, if I can help in any way…

Yeah so I got 2 possible keys that the file has been encoded with - but I have no idea how.
Is there any 160-bit encryption I don’t know about? :confused:

Help very much appreciated.

If all else fails, I’ll try to remove the background music, set the training dummy to guard all, throw a fireball and capture the blocking sound manually.

What you mean you have access to the Iphone game directly ??
Then why bother decrypting stuff ? Yea, just record the ouput of the game with Audacity for instance :pray:

I guess you just need to plug the stereo output of the Iphone to your soundcard line-in and then record it.

If you can just exchange the sound files directly, it eliminates any possible low-grade recorded sound clip issues and would make interchanging files a breeze. This decoding would actually be great for any future games as well.