Arcade Mis-Adventures

Basically this a thread for funny moments we’d had in arcades.

Let it be ridiculously bad/funny trash talk
Awkward yes homo situations
Or “that one player” who plays switch handed or yells "INTERNET COMBOZ!"
These “mis-adventures” aren’t limited to the above though. Talk about any remotely funny situation.

Here’s one I posted earlier this year:

This actual incident happened probably 1-2 years go.
Also note like I said, about 1-2 years ago so I was some stupid teenage ager then. I don’t act this way not.

But any ways

I was meeting some friends at our local arcade to play XvSF and as I was walking towards the back of the arcade to meet them(I always show up like an hour early to get practice in). My friend Zach was there talking to these two girls.

And this is where the fun began.

Me: Zach?! -shakes hand- how ya doin, sir?

Zach: Not to bad dude. You?

Me: Meetin’ some friends to play XvSF, can I get past you to play?

Zach: Notta problem!

Me: Thanks. -zach moves- Bitches, outta’ my way

Girl 1: Excuse me?

Girl 2: Yah! You can’t talk to us like that!

Me: -confused look- Excuse me? I’ll talk to you how ever I want to.
Girl 1: No you can’t, we’re girls!

Me: -laughs- I see you fail to realize something. I can talk to you how ever I want to for the fact 1) You’re women. 2) I don’t know you. And 3) You’re not all that attractive.

-girl 1 and 2 + zach = O_O!-

Me: So, you have 2 options. 1) You slap me and leave the arcade in some menstrual pissed off rage or 2) You simply just leave with out saying anything. Either way, you’re getting the fuck out of my way.

-girl 1 looks at girl 2-
Girl 2: ASS-HOLE!

-girls walk out-

Zach: OMFG

Me: What? -puts quarter in XvSF cab and starts to play-


Story 2:
I was playing 3S at the arcade practicing Ken and some kid plays me (which I have no issue with) and he plays Yang. He beat me. No big deal. So I picked Ken again and beat him.
He picked Chun, beat me 2 games.
So…he was all cocky and arrogant about his wins.
So I mirror matched Chun vs Chun and I told him I want to play best of 5. He said alright.
Last 3 matches I double perefected him.

Dude was FURIOUS he then, and I shit you not, slammed his hands on the machine and RIPPED the stick out of the cab, threw it on the ground and walked out. I was like :amazed: x’s OVA 9000

We didn’t have a 1P side for like 2 weeks. :rofl:

Now you guys share. :]


Sorry dude but talking to shit to people weaker than you just cause you can is kinda lame. I mean, bitches do need to be put in their place but that was pretty douche-esque the way you went about it.

On topic: A while back a friend of mine was getting destroyed at SvC by some gaywad goth kid who thought he was hot shit cause he could throw a quarter into the machine from 5 feet away. I played him and just when he was about to lose he cut off the power to the cab and left. I heard him go “fucking cheap ass black people” to his gf when he was leaving. :lol:

Added a second story involving 3S. :open_mouth:


No, you’re wrong. It’s not only funny, but awesome.

One time I went to SHGL several years ago to play some Marvel. When I arrived, it was fairly empty, but I saw Sanford Kelly playing MVC2 on one of the smaller cabinets. It’s not every day you can play Sanford in the west coast so I decided to just go ahead and play against him. While I was playing against him, Sanford was chewing chocolate ( Baby Ruth or some shit). As expected I got fucking destroyed by Sanford so I just left the machine to go talk to my friends. While I was talking to them, my friend pointed out this huge ass fucking chocolate stain on my hoodie. So…pretty much, Sanford Kelly spit chocolate on my clothes while ocv’ing me =(.

Story 1: they should have slapped the shit right out of you.

My story:

When I was a kid, a friend of mine invited me to the MSU game room, which doesn’t exist anymore. Sad. Anyway, they had the Simpsons arcade game (you know the one… the only good one). Our plan was to get a big stack of quarters and play through the game, beginning to end. Being excitable kids, we tore it up, and our stack of quarters was dwindling. At one point, my character died, and in a frenzy to grab a quarter off the stack on the floor and continue on time, I leaned over way too fast and bashed my forehead against the machine. I mean HARD. I almost knocked myself the fuck out.

Since I am a trooper, I continued, and we beat the game. From the experience, I walked away with glory and a big fat knot on my head.

My other story, which isn’t as entertaining but makes me come across a lot cooler:

When Street Fighter III first came out, there was a big line of college age douchebags who really didn’t know what the fuck they were doing. I, all of 12 years old, waited patiently in line until I got to the machine, and I racked up win after win after win. In fact, none of them managed to take me out. The only way they got the machine from me was when my parents came to pick me up.

And that’s my story.

This isn’t much of a story, but the people that hang out at my CC gameroom are some of the grossest dudes. Most of them are just acne ridden and greasy (and of course scrubs) but this one dude who doesn’t go here anymore takes the heavyweight title for worst nerd. I’m not sure how old this dude was, since he often wore a hot topic style vampire trench coat (with normal jeans and t shirt underneath), but had super thinned out, balding hair, which was dyed red, like Kool Aid red, except his hair was so thin it looked kind of pink. He never actually played anything, although he had buddies that dude, but I remember him sitting in their eating some fries from the cafeteria (already gross) that were like soaked in vinegar. You couldn’t avoid the smell. That fucker was weird.

I am about as misogynistic as they come and even I thought that was just retarded and in poor taste instead of funny.

He had buddies? He was probably their Dungeon Master or something.

I remember when I was like 10 or something KI was the rage at my local arcade. There was a good deal of people playing but finally I got my chance. People were laughing at me and shit cause I was so young but when I busted out some killer combos on the guy owning the machine everyone was going nuts. Even though I lost, that was the first time people were rooting me on at a game. It was pretty fun.

BITCHES! Outta my way!

OMG that avatar :rofl:

i too have seen a dickhead rip the stick right out of the machine.

i strolled into the campus arcade to hit some a3, and there happened to be some dude playing on the 2p side. i was even nice about it, i put my quarter in and waited until he was about to lose to hit start.

then i pushed his shit in. he got super angry, and started ramming the stick in qcf motions, then started jerking it in every direction, then almost pulled it out of the cab. he left it in a state where the stick would not come out, but you could pull it out right to to where the actuator was hitting the plastic part of the cab, the lexan or whatever. then they replaced it with this terrible stick that still can’t hit down/right, after like 1.5 years of solid play.

shit’s gay.

at the ucla gameroom there was this one asian scrub dude who would always pick akuma in 3s. his gimmick was simply jump-in/away fireball, land, roundhouse hurricane kick. this actually works really well against some characters, like urien, who don’t have a wakeup. i always sighed when i had to fight him because sometimes the randomness would get the best of me. there was another guy who played 3s there named armando, an armenian dude. he was a total scrub at first but later got pretty good with dudley and ryu. anyways, he HATED this kid. and one day after armando beat him like 5 times in a row with dudley there was some kind of shit talking spat and asian kid sucker punched a in the face and ran away. armando got on his cell phone and quickly enlisted three armenians, managed to track the kid down and apparently they beat the living shit out of him against the concrete. next time i saw him he had scabs all up by his nose. lessons learned: 1) fuck that dude, 2) fear the armenian cell phone

thats the best way to get games in SH :rofl::rofl:

Back when I was probably 11 or so, Tekken 2 was still big in the arcades. I was at a Dave and Buster’s and hopped in line to play some. I won a pile of matches until this kind of crazy looking older guy hops up to the machine and starts to play me. He had like a Khaki colored Trenchcoat that he set down on the little side table they have by most machines at Dave and Busters and we start to play.

I then WHIP his ass with Ganryu doing the silly d/f+2 -> 1,2,1,2,1,2,1,2 Juggle hitting all 8 hits more than a couple times. When he loses he SNATCHES his coat and starts powerwalking away from the machine and SLINGS his coat as he does it. When he did, he launched like 3-4 cassette tapes that were in the pocket and keeps leaving without grabbing them.

There was still like 3 other older guys around, and my dad was there watching too, I just started laughing about it

So I was watching these two fellows play MvC2 on the face to face cabinets, meaning they were on different sides. To go to either side, I would have to navigate my way past a few other arcade cabinets to get to the side.

So anyway, I wanted to have a go at whoever won (I was the only other guy interested in MvC2 around) so I was standing on the side that looked like he was going to lose. Lo and behold, he pulled a Commando comeback and so I rushed to the other side. It was down to Psylocke/Commando and I was on the Psylocke player’s side when he seemed to hit Psylocke’s combo twice, so I rushed back to the Commando side. Then it was counter-Corridor to laser beamz, so I rushed back, and just as the Commando pulled off his comeback victory, the arcade was hit with a blackout.


Once, i took my 2 friends to the arcade because Tekken 5 had just been released and I wanted to play them since they were big Tekken fans. After beating their asses pretty badly I went to go play something else, and a little kid came up to the machine. No one else was playing so my friend was like “I’m sorry I just have to do it.” He came back 2 minutes later and I was like… “what happened??” “He beat me…” I mean these are two people who I have played hours with, I couldn’t be leave it.

Fake post. Nobody is that wordy. Any person you talk to and try to say as much shit as you do would clown you by walking clean off in the other direction while you talked.

I don’t know a single soul who would stand there while you list off reasons about shit like that without AT LEAST interrupting you.

You ever watch the movie Big Fish?