Arcade Mode and the AI of Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3

Hello Shoryuken Forums! It’s superwii64cube (more commonly known as TheUnluckyOne) from Smogon and SDA. I have been an avid fan of UMvC3 so I’m not too much of a stranger to whats good and what isn’t. I have a specific project on SDA that I would need the community’s help on.

For those of you who don’t know, SDA (Speed Demos Archive) is a community/website that is based on the niche hobby of speedrunning, which is an attempt to beat games as fast as possible. It came to my notice that one person had a warrant for MvC3 arcade mode run (Normal Mode, I saw it on the list). Even though it was kinda odd, I decided to tackle it. I might need some help from Shoryuken to successfully make this happen to its maximum potential as there are some stuff I would need help on when it comes to research. In my best practice run, I was able to beat Galactus in 6:49 from starting the arcade mode after character select. This was very lucky because I got a happy birthday in one of the fights and fought a point Phoenix (smart teams) and I haven’t been able to emulate it since. To attempt to reach maximum potential I will need your help determining the following:

  1. What is the fastest team to work this? What team composition can kill a character the fastest with minimal meter usage with assists?
  2. How does the AI determine calling assists? How can a player manipulate the AI to get free happy birthdays?
  3. How do you go about killing Galactus as quick as possible?

I’m just going to describe what I did to get my current time or my “route” as people in SDA call it.

Team: Wesker/Dormammu/Doom

Wesker was the first thing that came to mind in meter-efficient fast damage dealer for obvious reasons. Doom Plasma Beam helps Wesker deal the damage in his combos a lot more (can someone find a better assist?)Dormammu is there because he can kill Galactus with Lv1 XF Liberation Meteors xx Super twice +a few hits while helping Wesker kill with Gunshot xx THC because Chaotic Flame is just that good. Basically did proper meter conservation and the likes but haven’t found a proper way to manipulate happy birthdays or anything of the sort.

Would be great if anyone could help out!

Sentinel cr.M is unblockable by the CPU. He does good damage.

Gotta agree with this, any super armor (especially on normal) seems to just confuse the computer, and it’s free combos all day. For killing Galactus quickly I’ve found that if you have a great jump loop that works wonders. With Frank I just :uf::l::m::h::s:, land, repeat. It’s shallow enough to react to anything he’s going to hit you with - and does constant damage.

The CPU blocks point-blank Foot Dive S 1 out of 10 times, and mashing Nova, Spencer, or Magneto’s jab on incoming never ever gets blocked. They will also never get out of 1-frame command grabs.

Thanks a lot for the responses, I personally expected nothing at all given how weird of a concept it is.

My only real problem with this (after some testing) is that Sentinel can’t really convert off of the cr.M for a kill without using a lot of meter and even then he won’t kill well. If there is a really good character to DHC from Sentinel into or an insane Sentinel+Assists combo that can kill as fast as Wesker can it would make perfect sense to use Sent on the run. Maybe a few other characters with Super Armor can work it out, I might try a Hulk point or something, I just need to learn to semi-play the character. About the Frank on Galactus thing, I think that’s a bit too slow and tedious for a speedrun. You will need some way to get Frank to Lv5 efficiently before the fight with Galactus which is rather hard to manage.

Right now I am seeing if there is a way to manipulate the CPU into calling assists for Happy Birthdays, it seems to be really hard to come up with something near consistent so I might need some ideas on that. I also tested Iron Fist as a point character but my time dropped a bit just because Iron Fist’s combos take too much time to kill (he’s very good at killing nearly all the time you touch the CPU though).

Spencer/X/Doom can kill off any confirmed command grab with one/two meters, but the combos are somewhat long. The AI is very stupid when it comes to chip damage, so that may be exploitable. For Galactus, attacks close to the head leave you above his some of his attacks.
The AI is a little tricky. Popping happy birthdays you might not want to rely on.

to be really efficient for this, you will want a character that can do resets (do a combo, then stop the combo and hit them again)

this run will be very much luck based for your opponent’s team composition and AI manipulation

from the little exp vs the computer i’ve had, i can tell you that most characters have an anti air special move of some time, and the cpu will ALWAYS do it if you normal jump at them and block.
for example, wolverine will Tornado Claw.
and you can just block that and kill them.

To this end, maybe try Spencer’s slant shot assist. It leaves the opponent standing on the ground after a combo

I would recommend Doctor Doom, Spencer. Doom’s combo does damage quickly and is very easy. He also has a pretty easy setup for the Spencer restand ; just call Spencer, otg with sH, dash cancel and jump straight up . The CPU will probably uppercut, and you block and do another combo.

I’m not sure of the best way to deal damage to Galactus. Maybe Morrigan? She has astral vision, which effectively doubles her damage output, but I don’t know if using her normals or using her soul fist barrage would be more damaging.

if you want to beat the CPU with just combos, pick zero vergil. Off any hit with zero, Rapid Slash assist brings them into the corner, and Zero’s lightning loop will do 500k per lightning loop. The xfactor lightning loop also kills quickly.
the third character could be a character to beat galactus with.

There are no resets against the CPU. you’re basically gambling on “will it decide to block” or not.

Not exactly true. It has no idea how to get out of Hoodlum Launcher M/H resets, for instance. And since it doesn’t respect armor, dropping a combo and doing s.H counts as a reset.

But yeah the computer can block instant overheads and low assists at the same time so most conventional resets won’t work against it.

Viper and Firebrand unblockables? Skrull H elastic slam will catch them after inferno, depending on their tech.

Has anybody tried using MorriDoom on the CPU? It’d be hilarious if Capcom knew there was a counter to it and nobody has been able to figure it out on their own.

Sentinel is really good vs the CPU
neutralize is a blockstun infinite
cm is unblockable

and hard drive is a 9-1 matchup vs galactus since it makes u invincible vs EVERYTHING still

speedrun guys. speedrun.

I did.

They get bodied hard. And Galactus’ big ass dies from like three reps in XF1.

I think Hulk might serve your team well, you can easily get hits in arcade mode and his combos are short and do a lot of damage.

Sentinel is really good for fighting galactus because hard drive allows you to survive his instant kill move.

Turnabout Wright kills Galactus really quickly. Real easy collecting evidence on Galactus too. Then again, you need to play Wright the whole way… That said, especially on easier difficulties, no ones stopping you from snagging evidence, and Wright kills damn fast.

Does he kill fast enough to warrant the time taken to pick up evidence?

Definitely. One :h: does 120k. A Break the Witness :h: does 430k. In XF, he gets +100% damage, regardless if level. Also, Galactus doesn’t dodge the Objection.

Interesting. Maybe Phoenix Wright could be used in the second slot. Build meter during Heralds phase and DHC or tag during galactus phase.

Anyone know how much health Galactus has?