Arcade Mode and the AI of Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3

Watched an Arcade mode runthrough:

On HARD (dunno if higher difficulties buff health) and HIGH damage (how much of an increase is that?), roughly six XF fingers do roughly a third of Galactus’ health.

when popping XF with phoenix wright, he should do a THC first or something

Why so?

xf boost the supers, then start hitting galactus with fingers, or whatever is highest DPS - galactus fight is all about pure DPS. technically an entire speedrun is about DPS but there are factors like damage scaling and actually hitting the computer.

xfactor is an increase of damage during a period of time, you want that period of time to have the highest output of base damage

Ahh, gotcha.

Well, raw :h: is probably best DPS.

Galactus apparently has the health of “three normal characters.” So that’s 3 million?

3,000,000/120,000=25 :h:'s, or 13 in XF.

Worst Case Scenario:

3,750,000/120,000=31.25 :h:'s or 16 in XF.