Arcade Mode on Hardest with Fuerte

Um…this is actually hard—really hard. The computer blocks all mix up shenanigans, techs all your throws, and won’t let you focus attack it. How do you guys beat it? I tried going for low round house kick pokes to knock down, but it’s too damn slow and once it’s blocked by the NPC they punish you hard. 3 fights I’ve had to get 1 hit and run the damn clock the rest of the time. Is that the trick? Set it to 30 second rounds, get a hit, then run away?

Is there any hints? I know when I get to Seth he will not give me a damn chance. :confused:

Edit: Finally found a cheap tactic of just grabbing them after a run. Worked even on Seth too. It’s just odd that trying to beat the computer with actual mix ups and other smart play = you get owned with Fuerte lol. :stuck_out_tongue:

You can tortilla many characters over and over again after a knockdown, but I am not sure about Seth.

Yeah it luckily worked a few times on Seth and baited a few moves of his on his wake up to sweep. Luckily Ultra 2 does massive damage so that helped a lot. It was weird going through arcade on hardest and it actually being difficult. Vipers was a bit tough, but I got through it fairly quickly, but with Fuerte I had to really think. :stuck_out_tongue:

After a tortilla, immediately charge a lvl3 focus. The cpu will get hit by it every time if you time it right.

1 round 30s pick sagat, lose on seth, repick Fuerte.

you can fajita buster seth all day. Just time the fajaita buster correctly as he’s waking up.

I never bothered with arcade in Super, but in vanilla SF4 I recall that doing tortilla over and over on any character’s wakeup always works, even against Seth.

yeah just land a tortilla dash forward once, charge lvl 3 focus attack hits perfectly on wake up follow with most damaging combo, usually rsf into slide. Need that untechable knockdown to set up another tortilla then rinse and repeat. No matter what difficulty level the computer is VERY DUMB to all of fuerte’s throws out of the run. No real point to do anything else.

yeah fighting the computer is irritating, its like they know what your going to do the instant you press that button

at the same time they fail at el fuerte’s fajita buster so you can pretty much spam that and tortilla and get an easy win its kinda sadning

I don’t recommend trying to mix-up the CPU. It knows everything you’re about to do. But like somebodyelse said, you can fajita buster Seth all day long and get double perfect if you time the first one right.


Tortilla till the end… Fajita Buster until the end for seth… in fact, El Fuerte was a mystery for Capcom itself…

I thought I was one of the few doing it… It`s actually quite effective, but I usually HK ex guaquamol or HP, Quessadilla bomb Special or sinply Focus Ultra.

is that your answer to everything?