Arcade Mode Settings Not Changing (PS3)

I try and change the settings for arcade mode like the difficulty and rounds per match but it never changes and i was wondering if anyone else was having this problems and if there is some sort of fix for it.

Also, unrelated, but how can i get vault challenges to appear on the side of my screen while playing, i cant find any type of option for it.

This is a known glitch. As for the vault stuff, are you on a CRT 4:3?

Only difficulty affects the arcade mode. Not sure if it’s really a glitch or just a fuck you from Capcom.

Don’t you have to pay to unlock extra dip switches and Gill, or beat the game with everyone? The difficulty and other options must unlock after paying or beating the game with everyone, otherwise people would lower the difficulty, set it to 1 round to beat the game quicker and bypass paying for the unlockables. I would say Capcom made a mistake, but the case involves money.