Arcade monitor: Not picking up red really, too much green... how to fix?

Should i bother fixing it? or just go the easy route and buy a TV (might be cheaper in the overall)

monitor repair = ?
j pac = 60
arcade vga = 89
dreamcast set = 200
arcade joy stick parts: 70
wood: 20
kvg switcher = 20

total: 459+

TV = 130
i pac = 50
psx pads hacked = 50
db25 connector/hub = free
wood = 20
parts = 70

total: 320

I am sure you did but just in case have you tried different cables and or pcbs. I had the same problem with my Naomi setup I could adjust the colors on the monitor but it was not displaying red at all. In desperation I pulled the jamma cables out of the capcom I/O and cleaned the contacts and after I reseated it all the colors were fine. Anyways just a thought, good luck

You almost always have to adjust the colors when putting in a new board. There’s almost always a little board with potentiometers on it you can use to adjust color, balance, vhold, all that crap

this one had

and like placing

i’m just gona scrap the monitor and buy a 24" crt monitor for 100$, save me a shitload of $ for not needing arcade VGA & jpac & jpac DC adapter

The monitor might just need to be degaussed(?). Is that what it’s called? I’ve been out of the “scene” for a bit, I can’t remember, but there’s that thing what makes the magic happen. But, you know, 100 bucks is pretty good. Fair play!

just to update

got a 21" 2 input VGA monitor for 50$