Arcade MvC2 or Ps2 MvC2

I was wondering what u prefer??

I LOVE THE ARCADE PORT!!!IF i had any arcade machine it would be MvC2 The New age of heros anyday!!!:smiley:

I’d prefer the arcade version over the PS2 one anyday. :smiley:

order of greatness:

arcade (p360’s, comp buttons, big cabinet, etc)
dreamcast (nice setup, mas/custom sticks, etc)
arcade (small cabinet, comp sticks, dip buttons, etc)
arcade (8 way sticks, jap button layout, ball stick, etc)
ps2/xbox (nice setup, mas/custom sticks/etc)
dreamcast (crappy setup, agetec sticks, etc)
ps2/xbox (crappy setup, shadowblades, etc)
then… the bottom of the low…
ps2 (controllers)
dreamcast (controllers)
xbox (controllers)

i would prefer the arcade but i just love my ps2 controller so damn much, too bad they never made a controller port for it like they did with the dreamcast controllers in japan.:frowning:
i have fond that you cannot do some of the same shit on ps2 as the arcade(this is do to the fact that they had to remake the entire game to run on a ps2 processor,instead of a mother board made just for the game like the arcade)

all in all there both good but ps2 lacks in many areas

I prefer arcade over the PS2. If I had my choice though I would rather play on my DC with my home made stix. Its more of a comfort factor.:slight_smile:

I like them both, but lets face it, Arcade version is in ARCADES, meaning you’ll more then likely have someone to play against, and PS2 version is very newbie friendly with R1 and R2 being both punches and kicks, so it’s good to learn on if you’re a beginner, but sooner or later…if you want to play for real, you’re going to have to move up to Arcade version.

don’t know about you guys but i find it insanely easier to do a lotta stuff on the arcade over the consoles. infinites are much easier to time (seems like you have a bigger window to hit them), or maybe i’m just crazy…

Arcade. PS2 version is gay…more slowdown…especially on the bonus river level (not the snowy one) where the slowdown is INSANE. Arcade all the way.

haha yeah I was plagued with that for sometime. I lived off of c.hpxxqcb+R2. Which is really easy for doing Sent’s ground lasers and flying/unflying. I could never learn Storm/Magneto due to the PS2 controller’s button layout until I got a Mas stick. Now I use storm all the time :slight_smile:

R1+R2 (PP/KK buttons) on PS2 are a poor man’s EX groove.

Ps2 version is fucking gaycious. Nuff said