Arcade MvC2 vs Xbox MvC2

Good ps2 to dc converter is the innovation, dunno how well it works with the SFAC stick though, but it works with the HRAP and anything that has a Sony pcb in it.

yeah i wish i could get that but i’m gonna be modding this soon (when I sum up enough courage to)

Well if Dreamcast really is the way to go, and if I can’t find an XBox version, then I wont need to download the game because I still have my old Dreamcast copy.

Picking up a used Dreamcast looks like it will be pretty cheap anyway. Now I can just gut my SF Anniv stick and put a DC pcb in there and I’ll be good to go.

The xbox version is good, but its not exactly teh same game. It can affect your performance if you wanna play toruneys or whatever, but it is alot of fun (you can think of it as a 2.1 version or whatever). The PSX 2 version kind of sucks. It glitches too easily, it has too many slowdowns, the sound is weird. Its fun too, but not the same.

BTW, I think I noticed a difference (gameplay wise0 between arcade and DC. Try to do spirals Y dlk dmk triple (with Cable and IM) on both. In arcade youll very likely kill your opponent. In DC Spiral will cross beneath him and theopponent will have some energy left to tag out, DHC and eventually turn the game around. Thios is really f*cked up for Spiral Y players

I’m getting that “triple threat” custom version with CvS2 and 3S on it as well. So that expands my original question to “How does the DC version of CvS2 and 3S differ from the Xbox version?”

you cant roll cancel on the xbox version and i believe xbox 3s is better dc version isnt arcade perfect from what i hear i never noticed any difference tho

Ohh, so the Xbox 3S is better? That’s unexpected. I thought DC was the best for everything heh.

MVC2 and CVS2 are really amazing ports.

3S has input lag.

(on DC)

Holy crap, that’s pretty major. Is the game even playable? (combo timing way different?)

no aegis unblockables, messed up parry timing, along with the input lag that was mentioned

It’s playable, but it’s far from perfect, it’s cursed with the problems shinobidj mentioned, and GJ (Yun) damage is not correct.

DC all the way, ‘triple threat’ disc is a MUST to own. Got a copy at Evo, thanks to Kelly. 3S tracks really does go well with all games.

Is is possible for someone to send me a copy of this Triple Threat game? I’ll pay if need be…

A place where I could download this would be nice. Perhaps you or someone who has this should pm me.

surprised no one mentioned that the rocket punch assist is slower on xbox…so wit mags short short rocket punch doesnt connect unless timed perfectly…or near to it

besides that the alpha counter think i noticed too, but it’s still pretty close to arcade perfect minus the 2 above in my opinion.

dc is the best though

Yeah, input lag is the big one.
Genei Jin weakened (good IMO)
Unblockable Aegis and Unblockable Oro strings taken out(bad IMO).
Chun weakened (? I wish)
Character graphics are smaller, washed out, and missing frames
Portraits warped/washed out
Sound washed out
No Original music only Remix

Once you’ve played the Xbox or PS2 versions there really is no going back. Although I am on the small bandwagon that believes teh Xbox version is a little better than the PS2 one (more/better color, better sound, and a few other things).


Small Bandwagon = Xbox fanbois who play and give a crap about 3S enough to want to say it’s “better” then the PS2 version.

They play the same. My brother has 3s on the box, I have it on PS2, there is no difference.

Everything you mentioned the box has better is more likely the TV/Sound setups fault then the console.

I mean for gods sakes, it’s 3S, not halo.