Arcade or Console. who owns who?

do u really think that tournaments should start tuning more to console of should they stay on arcade?

DC = arcade except for speed.

So for a tournament like ECC9 where the majority of games were on console but finals were on arcade, that’s no good. Forcing players to play both is not the best. But sticking to either one would be fine.

So the answer is, neither is better.

Console does have minor problems with controllers. Players being able to pause the game, controller being unplugged(blue box) and playing on different controllers can all ruin your day.

Arcade or Console?

I’m use to playing fighting games on any console I have. I have a hard time playing with the arcade games myself.

ya but do u think then that u the charecters on console should be allowed to use like on cvs2 wiht shin akuma or orchi iori?

Not in tournaments, but for fun, sure. Almost every console tourney I’ve seen does not allow use of those characters.

cool where are some good places in Texas to check out some tournys other then stargate?

What do you mean I can’t use EX grooves?

No clue. In Austin there isn’t even an arcade with CVS2 anymore.

arcade machine is way better imo.



I played on the arcade here in Beijing for the first time…actually, it’s my first time on any CvS 2 arcade…anyway, I was going to choose Ken’s uber white pimp outfit, (lk) but…I couldn’t. Is this normal? The lk didn’t do anything on the select screen.
Good thing I could still pick Bison in white with mk :slight_smile:

Choosing with lk at the select screen is flaky on my DC from time to time. ???

Keep mashing, you’ll get it.