Arcade or ssf4 places in europe?

hello everyone ^^

im going to europe in the next days germany - france and others countries

so if anyone can tell me arcade places to play ssf4 atleast i will just pass by ^^

Let me know if you happen to come to Ankara/Turkey.

No Arcades in Germany - sorry m8 !

But we organize our own tournaments and meetings.

When exactly will you be in Germany and which city will you visit / pass.

im currently in swiss if there is an arcade place there please post because most of the time i will be in swiss

as for germany i will come again to frankfurt

sorry dude i dont think i will hopefully next time

Arcades in France:

Causeway Bay Game Center

La Mythik (Saint Ouen)
Versus Fighting Club

Versus Dojo (République)
Versus Dojo

Neo-Arcadia Game Center : Le site d’arcade francophone ? La salle

Game Spirit
Game Spirit | News

There are others but AFAIK these are the best for fighting games. I know la Mythik in Paris has two SSF4 “cabs” but I’m not sure about the others.

i need an arcade place in the north east of france or anywhere near euro park atleast please help if possible im going to check the links above ^^

Closest French cities to Europa Park would be Strasbourg and Nancy. There are a few players there but I’m don’t know if there’s an arcade…

thanks billykane i got a chance to come to paris so i think im going to la mythik after 2 days
hope there will be players when i come ^^"

btw im from kuwait

No problem. Here’s the main forum if you want to get in touch with local players:

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