Arcade Overlay Graphics / Requests

Hey everyone. I’m a Chicago-based industrial designer, graphic designer and web designer and I’m currently creating graphic overlays for I wanted to create a thread for people’s requests and ideas.

Disclaimer: Although I do graphic work for Ed Farias’s business, I am not affiliated with Arcade-In-A-Box in any other way. The last thing I want to do is misrepresent him.

I look forward to everyone’s feedback and your requests.

Mike SanFacon

this is some very neat stuff man :tup:


Thats some great stuff!! I love that SF4 design. simple yet effective!Can you do overlays for an X-arcade Dual Tankstick? That big X is bothering me…lol

I could do a design in any size, but keep in mind that anything that is on is only available there. Also, I don’t create the physical print or material, only the graphic file. You would then take it somewhere to have it printed.

Any ideas for what you want?

The trackball (if yours has one) could be incorporated into the graphic itself. That would be kind of cool.

Something similar to the SF anniversary stick, i just really liked that one. And yes I have the one with the trackball in the middle. LOL I can print it using something we have called Hurricane paper, Thin like regular paper, sticks better than vinyl, and comes off clean. lol

for x-arcade dual tankstick (32-color live trace)

(i did not create the original image, only altered it, therefore it’s not for sale only personal use)

this is what it looks like up close.

can u use a better picture?, this one maybe?

Keep it up, good job.

That is actually the image I used. It’s not that the image is low quality, as you can see even up close the lines are crisp. I just wanted to give it a print-screen quality, just to make it different. There was something interesting to me about how the image changes depending on how far away you’re looking at it.

I usually shy away from using someone else’s content unless I edit it. I could just throw the original image on there though. Thanks for the link.

good shit! u use illustrator i assume?

some of the female capcom characters make quite attractive arcade stick overlays.

For this one I did. Photoshop, Illustrator, sometimes I’ll use Solidworks or Rhino (3d programs) to generate something different.

The only female character I’ve done so far is Chun-Li, viewable on the linked page in my first post. I’ll do more though and in a different sytle.

just to show the flexibility of colors/patterns with my overlays…

filter -> artistic -> cutout ? Could have made the job easier.

I don’t use many filters. if you’re referring to the SF tankstick design, that’s just a live trace. very easy to do (<2min).

as for the other SF character designs (like the above post) they are all compound paths to make it easy change the color, outlines, patterns, etc.

That tankstick overlay is awesome!!! thanks man!!! Now i just gotta go buy ink. lol

I can never find a good image of the UMK3 logo so I recreated the ones below. The logo is vector so It can be blown up to any size.

Obviously, these are free since they are copyrighted logos/ characters and won’t be for sale on AIAB.

If you want it just send me a message. I will reply with a link to the full-size image for you to print.

umk3 with portal background