Arcade Pad


I’ve been playing Marvel vs. Capcom 3 a lot since it came out. I got an ok record, but I would like to step up my game. I’ve been hitting the Danger Room training, but haven’t been able to get certain combos down with my Duel Shock Controller on my PS3. Should I look into getting an arcade pad to help me with this? Any advice is welcome. Thank you. :smiley:


If you mean an arcade stick then yes. If the Dualshock isn’t for you, then an arcade stick may offer a new way to experience fighting games.


He might be talking about the Madcatz Fightpads too. There could be some kind of confusion


Thank you everyone! Yes I’m not sure of the real technical term, but I get the idea. I’ll look into getting the arcade stick/pad. I just want to elevate my game so I can be a somewhat decent fighter on there. Again, thanks for your time and thoughts. :smiley:


you should get a joystick.


Id be wary about getting a stick otu of the gate. Do you play fighting games a lot? Have you played for years on a pad? Do you like the prospect of going back to square one and learning basics (very basics, down to dragonpunch motions, etc) on a stick? Are you willing ot lose, a lot at that, as you learn? Are you willing to practice for a significant amount of time (prob a month of near daily training on teh stick to build muscle memory, etc)? Do you see yourself playing more fighting games or sticking with mvc3 for long time?

If you are answering in the positives to these, you should get a stick and learn it. If not, you probably dont have time/desire to literally train to use a stick properly/are only casual (not a negative term like most degrading people, but someone that plays with friends, doesnt go to tournaments, never completes trial/mission modes beyond 50% or so, etc) and should not drop $100 or more on a fightstick that will be resold/sit in closet and collect dust like that landfill of plastic guitars and drums most of us have.

I’ve personally seen many a friend give up on sticks due to frustration of wanting to be as good on teh stick as they are on the pad. They can 100% their mains challenges/trial modes, they can do advanced combos and, while no pros, at least have the ability to execute well on a pad and couldnt devote the time or stand the frustration of being so much worse on a stick starting and gave up. Sticks arent required to be good. They are quite useful, obviously, and definitely make more advanced techniques (plinking or piano keying) and certain characters a lot easier to play (Carl doll control in blazblue, juri fireball storing in SSF4 for ex.), but the stick doesnt make you magically a top tier pro stomping people and many just dont realize that it takes time to build muscle memory and dont want to deal with that.

So, think about the time you have to play and train and if youll play more fighting games in teh future or if Marvel is more of your first foray into learning a fighter. If you love fighting games/plan to get into SSF4AE, SF3S Online, Skullgirls, MK9, BBCS2 or already released fighters or even want to use the stick on teh computer for GGPO/MAME, then by all means, grab that stick, put the time in and go nuts, you’ll love it. If you work a 9-5 job and only game with friends on teh weekend and do very little training during the week, I’d skip it.

Just my 2 cents on teh topic


If you’re just into casual playing then just pick up the pad, (with the six buttons on the face of the controller) if you plan on becoming a serious competitor and spend all your free time playing fighting games against others your best bet is to get a stick.