Arcade part opinions

Hi all
I’m building an arcade stick and I was wondering what buttons and joysticks I should go with.
I have used the happ parts before but I saw all the sanwa parts and the buttons that are on the tekken 5 machine.
So I was wondering what are the pluses and minuses between the bunch
just curious before I decide to buy a buncha stuff

Go play that T5 machine and see how you like the Sanwa parts (assuming the stuff on there isn’t f’ed up). It’s all a matter of preference.

Its completely preference just like all of the threads on this topic will tell you.

I use to play HAPP all the time, got myself an HRAP with a sanwa stick and sanwa style buttons, and now I kind of cringe when I go to the arcade and have to play on HAPP.

I like Sanwa a lot better, and even built a new control panel for my arcade cab with all sanwa parts to replace the crappy Happ one that was on it.

I first built a Happ and a month later built a Sanwa stick since I was bored over the summer. I like my sanwa stick a whole lot more. Aside from being smaller than the Happ stick since the joystick and buttons can fit in a smaller case, I just like the feel of the sanwa stick with an octagon gate a lot more than the Happ competition thats in my other stick.

But then there will be some people who like Happs over Sanwa/Seimitsu. I am not sure how many of those there are on this forum, but they are out there. Like it was said before many many time, its all preference.

this topic has been done to death. just goto an arcade/borrow a friends stick and see which one you prefer.

I myself prefer a Sanwa because I like the looser feel and being able to switch to 4 way easily. I like to play tetris so i’m always switching between 8 and 4 way.

I also have sanwa buttons in my main stick but I think I should have gone with happ since they’re less sensitive but still very easy to input moves but that is my personal opinion and it’s worthless to you because only you know what best works for you.

thanks guys I guess I’ll have to find a t5 cab
I just saw a new button style on llizards and was curious

Be dope like me and use both!