Arcade parts help?!

ok im pretty new to the forums but im trying to get my hands on some sanwa parts but low and behold due to sf4 release it appears all the retailers that are said to be trusted (lizardlick and akihabara were the only ones this forum was able to let me know are trustworthy) are all super backed up. so can anyone recommend a good retailer that ISNT too swamped to take an order or two?

There aren’t any. Places are backed up and not taking orders because the parts don’t exist. If you want to buy them now your best bet is probably ebay.

wow that blows pretty hard dude… I appreciate ya help tho thx! I finally get some money together to buy all the parts I want and then I cant get em. I feel like god pooped on my birthday. I saw ur video of the wii hori mod very nice vid, inspired me to just replace the buttons on my sc4 arcade stick instead of junking it did alot of research on it any tips on soldering? thats the part that scares my poo out

I ordered some parts from on Friday night (including a JLF) and they’ve been dispatched already. I’m in the UK and shipping is very expensive so I can only expect it to be worse to the US, but it’s worth looking. is great but he will only send insured packages.

Ah, I guess this is the reason it costs so much then.

You could buy a Hori Wii fight stick or the PS2 version selling for $49 on amazon and mod it from there. Depends on how quickly you want a fighting stick. You can always swap the buttons and stick later.

You can get buttons and PCB from
just have to get a joystick off ebay if you don’t want to wait.