Arcade parts in retail stores?

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Yeah, Rosser, I agree!

I do type too much sometimes. There’s just a lot of my thoughts that I want to get in.

The only thing that’s certain for retail – videogames and everything else – is change.

We are going through a hard time in the economy. Even before '08, like I said, a lot of the traditional stores (record stores, bookstores) were being supplanted by the Internet. Heck, that’s how most of us buy our parts! There are very few locations in the US that are convenient to walk into and buy parts from. Same for Europe and probably a good part of Asia, too.

I miss arcades but machines like the PS1 started showing they could emulate arcade machines (of the period) fine… as long as they weren’t Model 2’s and 3’s! After the Dreamcast showed up, there was even less of a reason for many people to go out into arcades. You were getting the arcade experience at home for real, and better even, sometimes, like the DC port of Soul Calibur demonstrated.

Machines like the Dreamcast may have been one of the worst mistakes made in the gaming industry. Before, you really couldn’t expect a home game system to do straight-up arcade perfect ports. They were too limited in memory and graphics capabilities – far inferior to arcade machines. Now that I think about it, the turning point might have been the SNK Neo Geo AES system – a near-duplicate home version of the arcade NEO GEO – except for the fact that the system and its mega-cartridges were just too damn expensive for most people to afford! When your games cost as much or more than an SNES and Genesis (at the time), you’re really going to have a hard time selling your system…

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I was surprised when I went into radioshack recently. they’re just ‘the shack’ now and mostly sell cell phones

things change, we just have to learn how to deal with that. i find that consumers and people in general are just getting lazier and lazier, don’t want to leave the house and want things to be “convenient” for them. that’s probably what killed the arcade, people didn’t want to leave the house…

Hmm, maybe, although the arcade still always had it’s social aspect.

My biggest gripe is the last time I was at an arcade(about a year and a half ago) it was $1(or more) a play, the games were all 6-10 years old, and no one ever wanted to play any competitive vs. type games like fighters(probably because it was $1 a pop). “Back in the day” everything was 25-50 cents, the screens were bigger than what I had at home, the graphics were better, and the sound was better. Now at home I have a 50" tv, 5.1 surround sound system, ps3 and 360 and I only have to pay for a game once(DLC notwithstanding), my own couch and my own beer.

So now that the graphics and sound aren’t better, why bother? The arcades used to be the awesome places with the big screens, awesome double screen games, 6 player games, crazy lightgun games, etc. I can have that at home now for less than it’d cost me to spend an hour a day in an arcade. I really think(well, for me anyway) they’ve just become irrelevant and the lack of ever seeing anything new in them just makes the issue worse.