Arcade Parts Lot (Sticks + Buttons)

The Lot Is Sold!

Arcade Hardware:

Mounting plates look shelf-worn but everything is new and unused.

Happ Sticks + Buttons

Came out of a Neo-geo cab, well used.

Hori Stick + Buttons (From T5 Hori Stick US)

Fresh out of a T5 stick before modding. Like New.

Tekken 5 Arcade Stick:

New / Sealed / Unused

Take the whole lot for 150.00 USD Shipped anywhere in North America

Terms And Conditions:**

I accept payment via:
International Postal Money Order (USA)
Postal Money Order (Canada)

Shipping is for North America only, outside of NA will be extra.

what an awesome deal, i would jump in but damn the peso :sad: is so weak right now :annoy:

Buy the T5 stick and Seimitsu parts for 120 USD shipped.

Get the Hori + Happ parts free!

Price drop on this lot:

$110.00 Shipped!

Will the T5 stick take those Seimitsu parts?

T5 stick will take the parts, but the T5 buttons are soldered to the PCB, so some soldering is required.

Willing to break this up and sell just the Semitsu parts? I don’t need the Happ stuff or a Tekken stick, but could use the PS-14’s and LS-32.

How much for just the Happ Sticks + Buttons?
If CrashPrime buys the other set, you’d just be left with the stick to sell.
Also, how much for the Tekken stick AND the Happ Sticks + Parts? I might be interested in getting both as well.

Perhaps a small bit of filing / detail work, but everything should fit. I did one a long time ago with all Sanwa parts and the effort was minimal.

SRK forum member “rcaido” was the first to PM me about the Seimitsu parts, so he gets first dibs if I split. If it turns out acllaim wants the T5 stick + Happ parts, I’ll split the lot, PM rcaido and see if he’s still interested or not.

I’m not very confident about the value of these items individually, and if I split the lot I’m going to charge actual shipping costs.

I’m thinking 70.00 for the T5 stick and Happ parts? If it’s a problem I can split the shipping costs.

Let me know what you think.

Also, priority still goes to whoever wants the whole lot. But If I can split this stuff across two buyers, that’s acceptable. I’d like to get it out of here.

How much would it be for just the Happ Parts? Shipping included, obv.

Hi, I’m interested in all of it. Could you contact me at Since I can’t PM. :S