Arcade parts needed!

Im looking to buy some parts to mod my arcade stick, but i have been looking to all the negative feedback ppl are leaving on lizarlick it has made me very nervous to order from them again and I don’t know of any other site that can ship to Puerto Rico, if anyone knows about another site plz let me know thanks a lot.

Focus Attack.
Paradise Arcade Shop. is an amazing site!

Thanks for the site’s ill check them out, also im not saying that lizardlick its a bad site by any means i have ordered from there before no probs, but for a while now ppl have been really salty with them and i dont want to waste time wating for parts for over a month thats all thanks!

That was the case until I’ve heard about complaints from people who order from them recently where there orders haven’t even came in for a month and never got contacted by customer support.

I wouldn’t know too much because the last time I ordered from was last year. Anyhow I saw FocusAttacks competitive price and it is way cheaper than lizardlick.

I ordered from them last year and it took about a month to get my parts. Not to mention when they arrived, they actually sent me the wrong order and I had to call them to fix it. My parts ended up getting to me 3 days after and I returned the wrong order.

Now, I went to mod my 2nd stick a month ago and I ordered from since lizard lick didn’t have what I needed in stock. I ended up paying less for the same parts and I got them by the end of the week.

I suggest you buy from the latter based on my experience and the fact that your buying straight from toodles (prominent figure in our community that makes/sells dual mods amongst other mods) which is the guy lizard lick gets their supply from.

Cut out the middle man, you will be glad you did.

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Thanks for the feedback guys.

don’t forget

free shipping on seimitsu and sanwa parts. I ordered a datel/paewang stick with all the sanwa parts to mod it and I got free shipping on the whole order. got my package in like 2 or 3 days. they have import 360 games too. I love it.

Chad? Is that you?

I shouldn’t have posted that… Now that I have been notified (because I live under a rock) about Lizard licks. I should do some more comparative shopping on arcade parts. Sorry about the suggestion.

Sorry about what? By all means I said something similar to what you said until I later found out lizardlick has been doing a poor job lately.

Don’t beat yourself up.

ParadiseArcadeShop imo is #1. FocusAttack is #2.

thanks everyone!