Arcade Parts Store in Southern California?


I tried searching and couldn’t find this info.

Anyone know where I can pick up Sanwa buttons/joystick here in Southern California? I am located in Torrance. Thanks guys, much appreciated.

#2 lets you pickup if order $100 or over; used to be able to pickup any.
He is in Ventura County, so a little far from Torrance. lets you pickup any order.
Jtwelve roams between San Gabriel and Irvine.
His partner in Arcadia.

Cipher12 getting a lot more selection soon.

I’m sorry I even typed up this response. and not physical walk-in stores, how you asked.

Family Fun Arcade in Granada Hills sell Sanwa stuff.
FFA is an arcade.
You can walk in and buy Sanwa things.


Thanks! I’ll keep these folks in mind.


FYI, i recently checked the prices for arcade parts @ Family Fun Arcade.
Sanwa JLF = 35 dollars +TAX
Sanwa OBSF-30 = 4 + TAX (per button)
its for people who cant wait to get their hands on one
just wanna let you know

i prefer cipher12, hope that helps you guys out there


southern cal

so the place mentioned do you know if they will install for you?


I’ll add Pro Button Mash to the list also.
They have a warehouse in Garden Grove.

Can come in to check stuff out.


any pick ups allowed for probuttonsmash?


The Owner said that others and I can come over to look at stuff.
So I say you can pick up.

You want his Mobile Contact?


nope, its a simple DIY if youre changing parts.


sure , pm me
you in socal too!?


So since it has been awhile, are there any new places in southern California selling arcade parts that you can walk in and/or at least pick up in person?


The place I would go (if I just needed a jlf, or 30mm sanwa buttons) is family fun arcade.10363 Balboa Blvd, Granada Hills. The parts are in a glass case by the snack bar. Great hours (since it’s an arcade).