ARCADE PC Custom Cases For Sale/ WTS TE S Chun ed. Brand new PS3


Yes, it can be made :slight_smile:


Do you have any pre made?

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These are available, and take something like 7 days to be ready :slight_smile:


How can I order 1x of these cases?


I sent a PM in hopes to get one of these beauties. Even the plain wood ones are sexy


PMd back to you guys :slight_smile:




Okay so here is what it came out to be.

Really really liking the case.

Just dropping this so people can check out what it came to be


PM’ed you


Has anyone actually received one yet?


not 2 sure Ki!!haRa told me he was booked up until March with orders though


We are full of work until march @wirestyle haven’t received anything from you I guess


Love your work. I also miss Jim Lee’s Magneto.


Getting nervous about this one. It’s been a month since I paid, a week since he last contacted me and no replies to my most recent messages. I know they are busy so I have only answered questions when asked. The builder posts updates on facebook and I haven’t seen anything with my color scheme or layout pop up yet. Good luck to anyone else who is waiting!


killhara takes a while. it also took over a month after I paid to receive the stick, but it is really good quality work. have fun!


It is a long process, also thats why we are not receiving any new order, so we can finish all pending orders :slight_smile:


@“ki!!haRa” has been working with me over the last couple of days. My confidence in ArcadePC has been restored! Even though it has been a long wait, I’m sure it will be worth it.


@aszyd It’s def worth it, I had a stick made from Jose (dude who makes them). I’ll post a pic soon, but I’m in love with mine.


This is the stick when I first got it, showing off the custom button art I had made for me :wink:


This is the rubber on the bottom side. No sliding or moving around at all, which was a problem for me with all other sticks


Here’s the inside. The bare minimum cable management


Switched from Sanwa to Seimitsu buttons


I lost the green ball top I ordered with this. I opened the box, put the green balltop down, and never saw it again. I was hoping to print out some Astro City themed art. Jose sent me the photoshop file he used with the template for this stick.


I paid $140 shipped for the case, custom art, custom button art, plexi, and the anti slip mat on the bottom. Takes about 4-5 weeks to be complete. Jose spent a lot of time making sure this stick was exactly what I wanted.


Their Facebook