ARCADE PC Custom Cases For Sale/ WTS TE S Chun ed. Brand new PS3


Very nice. Do you guys do the art as well?


They made my custom art. The guy actually took a few days alone just getting to that final style of artwork. He was photoshopping stuff while we spoke. Some nights it was 2am and we were still going over designs and shit.


Yes you can send the art to be included with your case :slight_smile:


That’s pretty neat, and you do the plexi as well?


These are really nice. Definitely interested in one.


do you have any premade ones left? im looking for something nice and fast


PM’d you


Cases can include artwork plexi and the color of your choice, @Lalapillz right now we don’t have any premade sorry, all PMs have been replied =)


I sent you a PM, but not had a response yet.


Wow! These look great. Keep up the good work.




Any ETA on open slots?


I’m actually located in El Paso myself. Do you operate out of your home or do you have a office/business?


Right now we are receiving orders right now, send me a PM of interested




I PMed you a few days ago.


PM’ed too!


I guess everything has been replied, just a couple of Slots are available


I gave another pmd on the morrigan case type.


Finished putting my parts in. Thanks again for everything my friend. B)