ARCADE PC Custom Cases For Sale/ WTS TE S Chun ed. Brand new PS3




PM sent!


@Ghimmie your stick looks really good to my eyes, thank you
Replied all Pms :slight_smile:



Would you ship to UK?


@Ki!!haRa it was nice getting to see you in person man! Looking forward to my case!


Good to see you too, is good to see local FGC

I’m checking about international shipping, these cases are heavy, so I’m checking prices and delivery times


These are absolutely amazing. And I am VERY interested in purchasing one. I am from the UK though however. Wondering how much would one cost with delivery included?


I’m from the UK and would be interested to know the shipping costs too =)


I’m another UK based member. An idea of shipping costs to our island would be really welcome.


good to know quality builders are still active in the community


Wow these look awesome finished.


I have one of these in process…




how big is that progress case and how much?? I am in line in case dude above dont want it lol…

need something small with 6 buttons on top


See i got a tek-inoovations case. I like it for the size but i want a long one.


do you happen to have any cases already pre made?


My case is almost done!


PM sent


finished my build in my case


@fundando Beautiful… Nice work man!