ARCADE PC Custom Cases For Sale/ WTS TE S Chun ed. Brand new PS3


Got done a couple days ago!! I’m pleased how the case look!!! Worth the wait…thanks again!!!


We are NOW receiving orders, first come first served


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My stick is all finished! Feast your eyes pilgrims!


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Got my case this Monday:


-Seller helps you personalize the case (color scheme for the case itself and designing of the art).
-The case looks great overall and feels very solid.
-All the screws you would need to install your stuff into the case are included.

Cons (most are minor):
-The process takes very long. I received my stick 3+ months after initial contact. This wasn’t an issue for me though. I had something to play on while I waited.
-The button holes in the front could’ve been smoothed out a bit more, had to do some of that myself to get the buttons to go in.
-The biggest problem I have with the case is displayed in the photo below

Overall I really like the case. Love the way it turned out. Flaws were very minor overall. Would rather play on it than a TE2 any day.


Yikes @DotCal. That isn’t minor to me.


Yea… at least it’s not on the top of the case :expressionless:


I just got my case from and I must say I had a great experience with it.

I asked Jose if he could help me redesig one of his XL sticks. Basically I wanted the plexi to go to the corners of the box. He was very happy to try it and said he liked the challenge. It took roughly a month and 5 days and he had built the case - He started with saying 1 month and he contacted me as soon as he knew it would take a little extra time cause of the plexi design and delivery. I designed the art myself and we agreed on how the case would look after have been talking for an hour.

I had given the design a lot of thought and he was very fast at telling me how he would make the design. He also understood right away what I meant. All in all I think it’s hard to find a person who are ready to help you so much as he is.

So now I got the case and I put in PCB and buttons and all and I want you to see the final result and pay attention to how well he made the plexi. He even gave it the same angle as the case so it all fits together. He told me, some time into the process that he had to get extra tools to make the plexi. I was very amazed that he said yes to the project and still had to get more tools - that’s dedication from him.

All in all, yes, I will make him produce my next stick as the options and variety in his repertoire of cases is pretty damn stellar. Colors in metal or matte, various shapes and sizes… Damn.

Here’s the case:

Anyways, it’s a great case and I love how it turned out and I am very happy with how Jose treated me under the process and also for putting up with me asking him for pictures and stuff during the process. :stuck_out_tongue:

@DotCal - It sucks with the scratch marks on the side but mine looks pristine. You might have been unlucky under shipping. :confused: I had to sand the side buttons holes a little to fit in the buttons but it was a matter of seconds and not really more than a few rounds, I also think 24mm would have been easier to push in but I wanted fat 30mm’s. :slight_smile:


Anyone know if they still building cases?


They were taking orders about a month ago. I paid for one but am still waiting to hear back. It’s been a month since I paid, so hopefully I’ll hear something soon.


Hi, guys, I talked to Calvin and we do some arrangement for the inconvenience, I will be posting if there are some new open slots, @hashrate I replied you via PM,


Added a WTS… Now with pics and video :smiley:


hey id like a stick from you




sent you a pm


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Just want to say that I am VERY IMPRESSED AND HAPPY with my purchase which arrived last week. It took a few months but the final product is definitely worth the wait. I will post pictures later this week so you all can see my fightstick.