ARCADE PC Custom Cases For Sale/ WTS TE S Chun ed. Brand new PS3


Hello guys I have been a little bit lost, but right now we are finishing with all the pending stuff, I guess there will some slots, but just a few


@hashrate I’m very happy that you like it, I would love to see some after it is done


@Ki!!haRa and everyone else, here are some pictures of my finished fightstick. I have had some issues with the PS3/PS4 board because it is the IST breakout which apparently gives the 8minute timeout with PS4’s new 4.01 firmware patch. Otherwise everything works just fine, and maybe I will just invest in a Brook UFB instead. My fightstick is beautiful and it was well worth the wait. I recommend ArcadePC MX to everyone, you will not be disappointed.

album here:

I also wanted to ask about artwork for this case, so I will PM you.

Thanks again!


Still making cases? Can you do a Korean layout?


just bought mine from this guy! great service! if you order one make sure to ask for the plexi rear cover he won’t mention it but its a extra 8 bucks…primer is on now. Might leave it white and call it NEW JACK or DOUGH BOY because white.



Are you still making cases? I tried sending you a message but no reply, would love to have one.


I think he’s probably taking a break or stopped. Tried sending him a message and even emailing him a while back.


Hi guys, sorry for the delay, but yes there will be a couple of open slots, we are just checking some details, I will let you know once it happens


I think your onedrive link may be broken, btw.


Link has been fixed, I have a few slots right now :smiley:




I replied to your message as well.




Well every year i get a reply from him, the i reply and then he never gets back to me. Do the decent thing and at least me know if you cant make a custom for me instead of leaving me hanging like this. Terrible communication.


@DAyala I replied you back, I’ve had internet issues at home, I apologize for the inconvenience


Sent a PM (again)


PM Sent


Added WTB


I really want a case but still no reply :(.


I actually replied you back