ARCADE PC Custom Cases For Sale/ WTS TE S Chun ed. Brand new PS3


Ohh shit you did, THANKS! Well I dont mind if the edges are not round, I love a ton of your designs, just looking for a wide case that’s about the same size as the Quanba Dragon. Can you give me contact info please or hit me up in PM. Thanks again and sorry if I sounded rude.


Sent some PM’s your way :).


Replied :peace:


Well I picked this one(without hitbox though and black stained), payment was sent and I am now ready to wait for my awesome case :).

Since I cant post here for a bit I figured I could at least edit this and let people know that there has been great communication so far and I highly recommend Arcade PC!

Also do yourself a favor and check out the Facebook page it has WAY more models and designs that I originally thought they had.


Sent a PM, let me know if you can do it!


PM sent


Is the Full Plexi Panel VLX Case made for me and should be shipped soon. It’s been great customer service and he tended to all my questions well. Can’t wait to finish putting it together when it arrives and can already see that its going to be a nice looking stick. Will update when its finished :).


Added WTB just in case


Sent a PM a while back, and would love to purchase one of these.



Added TE- S Chun ed for PS3


Price drop