Arcade Renaissance 6: Chaos 2007

Team tournaments:

3s was only team tournament for the night

1st Place- Flash Metriod + ZeroG ‘The winning team’

2nd Place- Douj_2001 + Random Super ‘Team turkey sandwich’

3rd Place - Glitch + calm warrior ’ Team mediocre’

4th place- mexiwont + leaf teaner(i think) Team melb

Singles Tournaments:

GGX Slash -

1st- Dizzy

2nd- Flash Metriod

3rd- 2piece

Third Strike-

1st/2nd - Douj_2001 + Flash Metriod (they decided to split the pot)

3rd - zeroG

4th - Random Super

Tekken 5 DR:

1st: Ktaden
2nd Ceo of Darkness


1st/2nd - Random Super + Douj_2001 (they decided to split the pot)

3rd - Flash Metriod

Marvel vs Capcom 2

1st - Dizzy

2nd - Eder the Cheddar

3rd - Justin zhou/Calm warrior ( i let him win cause he was talking so much shit.:confused: )

And by dizzy he means Alex G

Wow, that tourney was star studded with good floridian players.

And by Alex G he means Alex Garvin :looney: :looney:

hahahah, dizzy. that’s his new name.

I don’t see my name on there. Can you list me as last place for everything?

But if you let me, how are we tied? Shouldn’t you be 4th?

Yo David, thanks for having us and hosting the tournament :wink:

gg we didnt play the finals at all we split it also

if anyone cares

for Slash

4th - Mak0infused

5th - Senkei33

It was really my first offical tourney with good players there so i gotta do a little gloating :wonder:

Flash - good shit…your way too good with so many fucking characters… thanks for tips on the fdc …i need to get new buttons so yea thanks for helping me establish that…

Alex G - wow i had alot of fun playing agaisnt the best Dizzy in the U.S …i was alot closer to beating you than i thought i was going to be so thanks for putting me in my place and make me want to get better

Clam Warrior - your the man thanks for creating events in the Orlando area and assuming who won if they didn’t report the matches :clap:

okay yeah thats about it

my marvel stock went up this tourney.

I Can Smell The Scrubby-ness all the way up here in Illinois!

Horrible turnout. Must be a bad tournament.


I thought about flying you out here to up the turnout, but I didn’t want to pay for four seats on a plane. I could recoup costs by releasing a movie of your trip here, but what would we call it?

Overweight on a Plane?
Jiggles and Shakes on a Plane?
Earthquakes on a Plane?

Are you kidding?

or just marn on a plane lol which somes it up pretty nicely…

yeah and thats if, and only if, we can get him on the plane in the first place


so marns a fatty

Sorry about the random thing, was trying to prove a point to random faggots who were hating on Showdown and they didn’t even go to it. Carry on! <3

This is Marn btw on friend’s comp. :<