Arcade Renaissance Battle Opera - Orlando, FL - 03/04/06 Results

This is currently a placeholder, full results will be up shortly.


  1. FlashMetroid
  2. randomsuper
  3. Doujinshi2001
  4. Jebailey
  5. Adam
  6. Ultimate Hustla
  7. Kastro
  8. Ivinus


  1. Sentinaaal
  2. Eder
  3. AlexG (?)
  4. FlashMetroid (?)
  5. (?)

The brackets are like, impossible to understand.


  1. FlashMetroid
  2. The Greek
  3. nothingxs
  4. CEO

POOL A (Wins/Losses, names of people beaten)
FlashMetroid - 5-1 (Willy, Kastro, CEO, UltimateHustla, Troyboy)
CEO - 4-2 (Willy, Kastro, UltimateHustla, randomsuper)
randomsuper - 4-2 (Willy, Kastro, Troyboy, FlashMetroid)
UltimateHustla - 3-3 (Willy, Troyboy, randomsuper)
Troyboy - 3-3 (Willy, Kastro, CEO)
Kastro - 2-4 (Willy, UltimateHustla)
Willy - 0-6 (Forfeit)

CEO beat randomsuper to qualify (tiebreaker)

POOL B (Wins/Losses, names of people beaten)
The Greek - 4-1 (SNES, nothingxs, gozulin, Doujinshi)
nothingxs - 4-1 (SNES, gozulin, Doujinshi, Alottabeast)
Allottabeast - 3-2 (gozulin, Doujinshi, The Greek)
SNES - 3-2 (gozulin, Doujinshi, Alottabeast)
gozulin - 1-4 (Doujinshi)
Doujinshi 0-5 (Forfeit)


  1. Hotnix
  2. Fraz
  3. Jinsama
  4. PabloC
  5. OldSchool
  6. CJ
  7. Monty
  8. Jesse
  9. Petro
  10. JimmyU
  11. Brooklyn

And we all know what place Troy should have gotten in 3S…Tekken Stick For Life!!!

Results where like…

1.Peter ( FlashMetroid )
2. Ozzie ( Random Super )
3. Carlos ( Doujinshi2001 s/p? )
4. ?
5. ?


  1. John Sindel ( Sentinaaaaal s/p?)
  2. Eder
  3. Alex Garvin
  4. Peter ( FlashMetroid )
  5. ?

1/2. FlashMetroid and Richel ( Greek ) Split Pot
3. Andres ( NothingXS ) cause he wasn’t in my Pool.
4. CEO of Darkness ( Even though I beat him 2-0 he advanced )
5. Ozzie/Troyboy


  1. Hotnix

The bottum line is 3S should have been Richel, Peter, Ozzie and I in Top 4 but Round Robin is Gay so I didn’t advance and my Tekken Stick Owns Ozzie and Myself for Free in 3S.

K ThX Bye

Ok. Please stop with the speculation and propoganda about the results of the tournament.

Thanks again NXS. Did you loose the results as well you unreliable BITCH!


  1. Fraz
  2. Hotnix
  3. Jinsama


1st. Sentinaal
2nd. Eder
3rd. Alex Garvin
4th. I am not sure but i want to say Blazininflo
5th. Ben/Peter/ someother random dude.



Ozzie did not place :wtf: :confused:

CvS2 (next to marvel the tourney was the next hotness of the day)

  1. Flash
  2. Randomsuper
  3. Carlos

Naruto 4
Jose Rullan
Jose Feliciano
Will ( from

Damn this was the best tournament i ever had in central florida. But it is still hard doing that shit alone. For everyone that step up and help, MUCH love i appreciate you. Still lost my voice like always but just wanted to give a shout out to few memorable people.

eminent ( damn son what is up with the d pad rom & taunts) :shake: just unnecessary/i appreciate what you did after the tournament too

Brooklyn: nominated for the funniest nigga @the tournament. Best marvel mix too…

Miami Crew… It was good to see all of you again hopefully i will see y’all at final round or when next i go home to visit my people.

Saikyo Dojo-- Thank you for everything.

Justin Zhou- thanks for the help or working for me…

Alex fn Jebailey - I hate you. damn you for beating me in our pools. You were supposed to be all rusty and sorry.

Adam warlock- Thanks for the help

NXS- Thanks for misplacing my shit.

Richel/Ozzie- Thanks for not misplacing my Shiat

WTF? Hotnix won tekken I thought?

Anyway, your voice wasn’t shit. You almost lost your JOB over some pizza lol.

Yes Hotnix won T5 by 1 round.

So why di fudge did hotnix make me give fraz the winning money then?

how the hell was 3s ran and how many participants where in it?

I got 4th in Cvs2 and was happy seeing as it was the first time playing in 2 years.

And you guys are lucky I didn’t stick around for 3s I would of at least finished in top 4.

Either way well run tournament Ultimate and it was nice to see everyone. I thought it was all dead. My days are over though with no competition left in Orlando, but I’ll be doing my best to bringing everyone something BIG over the summer.


GGs to everyone especially Ozzie who kept owning me for free during the tourney pulling some sick Ino type K groove shit. Good stuff son. OH and I apologize if I wasn’t talking to anyone on Saturday I was really kinda upset I lost that match when I was in the lead and had a terrible toothache. =(

I forfeited the 3s round robin because I didn’t feel like playing

Alex you would have got Raped in 3S.

3S was round robin and it sucked. ( Cause 2 people I can beat No Prob placed higher then me, WTF! )

Like 13 heads for 3S.

No shout out to me David, WTF?!?!?!?

I’ll see everyone at Final Round.

Notice how it fucking says placeholder? Well, see, I have this fucking amazing thing called Jury Duty and I also have this other amazing thing called Family With Stick Up It’s Ass?. Once both are resolved, you’ll have your fucking results. -__-

You mean that shit that was safely at the bottom at your goddamn container?

Yeah, that’s right.

Also, the highlight of the tournament I missed was apparently some fat kid trying some skinny ass kid… How did I miss that? :confused:

didnt i rape you in the last tourney aswell?

or was that over 2 years ago…i dont think so =P

LOL@the mexican buddha bitch. What you missed was puberty.

Didn’t I go to college and graduate, Mr. I’m taking a semester off to play street fighter everyday and own the older generation :).

…lol how old are you?

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


And you apparently missed getting a life.

I feel sorry for you. I really do, getting laughed out of a fucking room for being a little bitch and trying to start a fight with an 18 year old and all considering you’re like… what, 34? If you think you’re so much older and more mature or whatever-the-fuck-have-you, why don’t you move the fuck on? You know, just wondering.

this thread is pure gold.

and carlos, i got really lucky our first match when i was on the d, you should have nailed me. just play a little more patient and you’ll get much better. and i don’t mean turtle either. turtling and playing patiently are different. honestly, i’m impatient as hell. i’m always attacking, even when i’m like 2 pixels from dying. it works for me though since i play k. next time we play, i’m sure you’ll have some better shit. you got like 100 times better since the last time we played. beef up your blanka and drop sak and you’ll do fine. your sak sucks. you need a better middle character. your vega is pretty gay though, just don’t make him your ratio 2. ratio 2 vega is risky business. if anything, play vega, r2 blanka, bison in that order and you’ll see your wins go up. bison doesnt need to be r2 since his custom is death anyways. just some tips from a scrub who wants to see orlando beef up in cvs2.

carlos is fucking good, man. cheers for the good shows in cvs2.

also: parry harder