Arcade Renaissance CHAOS 08 Orlando, Florida 04/26/08


shut up. watch and see my friend watch and see.:arazz:


I asked project to post it in smash to see if there would be any interest and ‘if’ enough people get back i’m willing to do it. but early and maybe limit the entries to 32 only.


Nice bring a couple color mixes sir. I would appreciate it.

There are a few people in orlando that can fix sticks now and they are pretty good at it. I’ll let you know when you get here.

Hey imma make sure to come since this is a good chance to see if i have improved since my last tourny. Ill bring a few friends or may go it alone not sure yet.

Noone will know if you stand behind David and pretend to be his shadow.

yo man GET AT ME! you always pm me and disappear.

lyin ass nigga.

How about an Alpha 2 tourney David? ^^


Thirded (sp?) :rofl:

Why wait til April to wail on poor,no talent RPD? Florida crew will have their buddy from Alabama in house come FR11 in a few weeks.:rofl:

ZeroG**: Looking forward to getting some casuals in with you come fr11. I gotta redeem myself.:smile:

David if you’re having another tourney during the May-July area, I’ll make that 12 hour journey down there to play you guys.

A about how much are the hotel prices at the tourny, just to shop around, im a broke black man you know, at least i have a BIG ASS DICK!!!

I can’t tell you how much this post made me not want to post back in my own thread. As for the hotel rooms just let me know where you want to stay and i would look for a deal with my company and then go from there. Just let me know. You and kastro found a cheaper one that what i offered last time just let me know what you want to do.

Everyone- Is alpa 2 something you want to do instead of a certain game? or in addition to the tournament.

Jason- Also do you want to run it whatever the decision is?

Sure thing David.

If there is time, I say just add it. I’d hate to bump off A3 if there is interest for it too. Hell, I’ll even enter to sweeten the pot for the A3 players.

Ya David, That’ll be cool, Listen you want me to get your stick from Humcast, you know even if he say his comming that his not…

Orlando huh. That’s pretty far =( Why you always throwing tournaments so far from my house David? :sad:

I see what you guys were talking about now RPD. Your head does look really big :lol:

this might sound crazy coming from me, but can we just drop kof? we’ll only get like 5-7 entries anyway, and most of them will be playing other games anyway. if people want to do kof casuals then that’s fine (hell, i might play too), but there’s really no point in running an extra bracket. it just takes time away from running everything else and it’s not like people give a shit about the finals.

OK, So now that FR is over it time to take all bets… Goig to even take 3s bets thats shit is hot garbage. ST,CVS2,3s and SSBB lets do it

Ok Mav, $20 on 3S?

why are you bothering you know he’ll back out

OK rachel we can do it but, since i really dont play 3s you cannot pick Urien and that and not 20 to much 10 is fine…

And cakes what do you mean back out i never back out, people always want to make bets with me on games that i dont play like 3s…

because you offered it you dumb ass. You can’t offer the bet and then add stipulations because you know you’re going to lose.