Arcade Renaissance Chaos '08 Results

Guilty Gear XX Accent Core
32-man bracket

1 Alex G. :
2 FLash :
3 Jason Andrews :
4 M Song
5 Hotnix
5 2 piece
7 Alfred
7 Senkei
9 Andrew M
9 Ceo of Darkness
9 Ironlung
9 Allen M
13 Brandon Brazilla
13 Tony Lewis
13 Ryujin
13 Ryan Firtell
17 Chris Reardon
17 Makubex
17 Dan Relentless
17 Carey Hill
17 Meagan Jewel
17 Hiedern98
17 Will Nguyen
17 DarthTrey
25 Crom
25 eclipsin binary

Capcom vs SNK 2
16-man bracket

1 FLash :
2 David Richardson :
3 Seichin :
4 Allen Hou
5 Albert Park
5 Leland
7 Rick Stanley
7 Alfred
9 Dan Reardon
9 zero-G
9 Maverick
9 Jeff Williams
13 Mike Leslie
13 Starcade RIP
13 Logan Styles

Street Fighter 3: Third Strike
32-man bracket

1 FLash :
2 Eish :
3 zero-G :
4 Jae Purvis
5 Leland
5 Ron Leslie
7 David Richardson
7 Alex Stevens
9 Alfred
9 Mike Leslie
9 Adam Warlock
9 Ryan Firtell
13 Rick Stanley
13 Allen Hou
13 Ice Kid
13 Angry Man
17 Final Cut
17 Ken Ward

Marvel vs Capcom 2
16-man bracket

1 Alex G. :
2 FLash :
3 Rodrego :
4 Vercette
5 Eminent
5 Allen Hou
7 Brooklyn
7 Crono Mashitoka
9 David Richardson (dats right I beat eder and the slow tactian)
9 Slow Tactitian
9 Eder
9 Ben Acosta
13 Stryker Hyru
13 Adam Warlock
13 Rick Stanley

Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo
16-man bracket

1 Jae Purvis :
2 Alfred :
3 Starcade RIP :
4 Leland
5 David Richardson
5 Maverick
7 Allen Hou
7 Final Cut
9 Adam Warlock
9 Issac Arellano
9 eclipsin binary

KOF XI/ A3 /A2


I will be giving my thanks and shout outs later.

Big ups:

To my boy alex, will, jose R and jose F, FINAL CUT for all their help in making this possible.



What y’all niggas know about that perpetual last place? CONSISTENCY, BABY!

Damn niggas Ive been working hard to get this house … but when I do everyones invited for my party! except david, heidern, peter, lovell,alexg, onyx, boobie, tj, ryan, dwayne (any of my family members) (random niggas comin out da woodworks aka axor, dwayne , random srk niggas) …alright maybe some of you…

I need to fix that damn stick… damn ggpo being all weird… :hitit:

I was supposed to go to orlando the wekend of this tournament but i decided to work… my bad david you know i aint got ths skills back yet… but just remember i will be gone for 3 years naruto style bitch then ill return … i will return… better than evah! (and please try to bring some hot girls, you know jeff likes that friend zone shit) peace homies.

p.s. whats accent core…

Nice. Yo Calm, for real it was an awesome tournament considering it was my first one ever. Hopefully we can get in some more casuals because damn dude those 3s players hogged up the t.v. for god dang three hours straight up. Lol. Freal and maybe some MMs Hmm?!?!?!

Thanks for the smooth tournament David, quite possibly the smoothest I’ve ever been to.

When’re those videos going up? =)

GGs to everyone there~

glad to stop by and protect jaleel white/jalen rose one more tourney in orlando!! lol, 7th? damn… lol

damn david… sorry i couldnt make it to this one… sounded it like it was lots of fun… did people come for brawl? and i heard flash was talking shit to some nigga and dude picked up flashs stick and dropped it on the floor and flash did nuttin. lolz can anyone confirm this?

Flash did nothing because i called him over not to do anything and i put jason outside to cool off for a second. Get the full story before you go looking for drama!

Jason talk shit to peter for putting him into losers (this is what i hear because i didn’t witness or hear it). and when flash did the same jason threw his stick. the same stick he won third and cvs2 with. So I don’t think it was a big deal.

Lesson of the day- Don’t talk shit unless you can take it. back and worst.

And where was justin zhou? at the mall- wow! that loss to mixup did more damage than i thought.

Funniest part was when dude was talking shit and Peter was like “Why are you still talking to me?” lol Dude seemed straight when I chilled with him in PSL but apparently Peter pisses him off.

David thank you for running an excellent tournament. I was impressed years ago with how you ran tournaments, and I am orders of magnitude more happy with how this one went. You are to be commended sir, for maintaining a positive and fun attitude amongst boisterous company. All of our matches were epic also. Too good! See you around, warrior.

Shouts to Eminent and Brooklyn for getting really hype during all of the finals. All of my friends, be them old or newly introduced at the tournament, good times good laughs, good games.

5th place for life.

Any idea on when videos are coming out?

I’m also interested in the videos. Especially Marvel.

Pretty much Juggy mashing freaking 8 hits on everyone’s third character and not to mention sick gaurd breaks. Lol. The grand finals was hype (at least to me since it was the first tourney I’ve ever been to).

I want the Marvel Grand Final matches to see how two of my friends did.