ARCADE RENAISSANCE MAYHEM 2007 Kissimmee, FL June 29 & 30 2007

you don’t have a brain mavrick. you’re brainless. we should harvest your body for organs.

Ya i love you too,

        Ok i see ya going to EVO i guesd well see you there

Ozzie you play A-Groove right? Me, you and peter. I’ll be the battery. I play a little K but A would be my stronger groove.

i don’t think peters coming to this one. i think he’s gonna be in ny then.

The battery? Only thing you get if you don’t activate is assault and battery. You might as well just let him play 2 on 3 and have his first char start with full bar. HATE HATE HATE

Edit: And you know you don’t play k-groove!

Don’t be mad that the only game you have now is marvel. It’s ok, i just started to take marvel seriously so it will be another month maybe before you get scraped in that too. Right in time for the tournament

orlando goin…or should be at least :wink:

Norm’s Hugo > RPD’s corner queen Q

Sad but true. I’m too lazy to do anything about it either. =/

I see what you did there, David. Splitting the tourney into two days so I have to hang around for 48 hours.

Man i wanted to make it there last tourny but, thing just went bad and stright downhill from there but, i’ll rally up some people from here and get our asses there this time, Even if i have to pay pay for gas all the way and back…

You know, RPD, I think that the only matches we ever really played were at my apartment after that last tourney. I just realized that.

I appreciate that man! Next time call me though because i was looking for you ps2.

Seriously, what the hell is up with you signature man! Do you smoke or have been hit by bak mei or some shit. Something is not clicking too well up there. You are loosing it. Make sure you there for me giving glitch is birthday ass kicking.

Hey norm give me a good number to reach you, BIATCH!!!

No you frogot i called you and told you that ozzie was bring it for me

what’s a frogot?

whoaa whoaa wait wait…so the gear tourney isn’t going to be Accent Core?? it would’ve been out for a month by the time this tourney gets around

i should have around 3 copies of it between the O-town crew

So is accent core going to be the new hotness and what should be played?

Slash is no longer tournament worthy?

Mavrick- Don’t worry about it, i’m just giving you some trouble yo.

Frogot: :wtf: must be a trini thing.

Boi back home is all we does say!!! Is Frogot not the stupid, Forgot stuff you American/Cubans/Haitian/Jamaican/Dominican/nad what ever else everone is

well…AC is the new shizz…once i get my hands on it i could let you know along with other gear players…but from what i’ve heard and seen…AC is def the new hotness

Dont you guys think Flash should take your money in Slash one more time before he takes it in Accent Core?? j/k :rofl: :rofl:

Counter groove for the win I guess. Any groove other than A and I can beat you with Random groove. :rofl: Jamaican’s getting uppity. Like I give a shit about Rick Stalvey’s understudy. What you need to do is leave the CVS alone and get some RC clippers!

“Boi back home is all we does say!!! Is Frogot not the stupid, Forgot stuff you American/Cubans/Haitian/Jamaican/Dominican/nad what ever else everone is”

WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN?! :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: