Arcade Renaissance Mayhem 2007 Shout outs

I just wanted to thank everyone that showed up to the tournament. This was one of the better tournaments that i had in central florida.

I’m sorry that i lost it a little but i was getting sick from friday night and mixed with the regular people not listening to me i had a meltdown or two. I apologize for that, that type of behavior is definitely out of character for me.

adam warlock- Good job in missing on of the better tournaments i had.

Leland- I owe you ten dollars. allison found the money after the fact. Sorry about the guilty gear thing too man. MY BAD.

RICK/Alex FN - Man! no words can discribe the randomness that leaves yall mouth.

I post up more later.

Good shit David

Nice to see everyone especially Jebailey
Thanks for lettin me crash in your room Rick
Not sure his name on here or if he’s on here but thanks for lettin me use your stick a few times Norm

oh and good matches David (Rick’s cousin)

Ya, was a good tournament! Was really cool to put faces and names to everyone there, nice meeting yall.

Anyways, I think you needed to regulate on that shit. I don’t know about everybody else, but I would prefer the tournament to run in a timely manner, and people can casual afterwards.

I don’t know how many tournaments you’ve been to in the past, but no tournament ever runs on time. This was actually one of the best run tournaments David’s ever had, and on top of that it had one of the biggest turnouts.

O, believe me, if anyone knows about tournaments not starting on time, I know. I used to run tons of them in North Carolina. Everyone shows up late so. But, when the tournament director is asking for everyone’s attention so we can get the show on the road, the least people can do is try to cooperate.

Had fun seeing everyone down there again. Florida had something waiting for me this time around in 3S.

Awesome tournament!

David - I was looking for you before I left but I guess your post explains it all. Next tournament I’ll come on time and help you run it. Had a great time and I know everyone else did. What happened to the money matches?!? We’ll get to those.

The head to head idea for the team tournaments was great. I hope you put up the videos David.

Hunter - I’ll get you next time man!!!

Edder - thanks for the cheddar.

I think the problem is more davids fault becuase he waste too much time talking he stops the whole tourney so we can watch him think about what he wants to do lol

also the break is the dumbest thing ever

I hate david lol:china::smokin:


This tourney was great, no lie. I had a lot of fun watching those last matches in 3rd strike and Accent Core. Good matches with RPD, Flash and Richel.


Thanks to who ever it was that broke both my sticks. NICE

Norm good look on everything man you really came through for me i really appreciated all that you did.

Pablo/Jamal- Thanks for coming through. Hey don’t worry about it wake up ex dp is solid but when fighting against florida random like rick and andrew that shits a toss up. It would have worked on any other coast and xbox live. :lol:

Zhou- i think you broke my sticks bitch!! Gorilla hands. Work out less or fix your damn and stop leaving it in the car.

Peter- shut up. I know your not talking shit you were almost as bad as carlos this tournament. Peter keep on very important thing in mind alot of times i was alone trying to run a tournament where people were having a great time but wouldn’t let the tournament happen. Everytime i got to my breaking point to turn off tv’s and shit like that i had been calling people and or asking or doing all sorts of shit to get peoples attention so it could just run smoothly but especially you marvel heads. MY GOD!

Ryan (huntersfl) i see how you left w/o giving me a chance to get richer. It’s ok.

Thanks to Jose.

Sorry about the KOF vids cakes, i just was not feeling well and it affected my mentality.

Norm, I saw you out the corner of my eye dancing around getting anxious while I was playing. Didn’t know I was dragging out the fights that much. :lol:

David: The SA3 matches were all in good fun. I figured I’d remind you of Arcade Renaissance 4 :lol: I wish you would’ve looked over at me while I was watching the fight on the big screen before ours: I was sitting there just trying my hardest to hold in this laughter because I already knew that I was going to use sa3 against you and what it was going to be like. Thanks for not having Florida crew jump me after our fights. :lol:

What? Don’t hate my skills.

I’ll be ready. Counter pick Chun doesn’t scare me :cool:.

Man I was in there until the doors closed Saturday night, playing 3S. You’re the one who was no where to be found. I’m telling you right now, next time I see you, MM 3S, 3/5, $10. I would have let you slide this time, and just let you play to give me back my $5. But now this is too long, I have to charge you interest :rofl:.

Oh really.

It’s on. Next time son!

Turtling on the character select screen built my anticipation, what can I say.


Good Shit to Everyone at the tourney…

Hunter - come down to Miami for some 3s games of friday, and thanks for the tips on Makoto play…

Final Cut - your Hugo is crazy, nice chilling with you man…

Cakes - you where to funny on the ride back man…:rofl:

Rpd - Your crazy funny, and your Sa3 Q is to good, nice rooming with you man but your still to nice yo lol …

Ryan and Rick - you 2 are gods when you drink and play 3s lol, SA2 ken is crazy good…:lol:

Peter - your a funny nigga, and your RPS skills are insane…

Vaughn - smile more nigga and your 3s play is top tier yo…

David - Thanks for a good Tourney

And see all yall at the next one…

GGs against the team tourns in cvs2, we almost had ya! well not really but you gotta give it up to calm with that mid screen grab with Rock. OCVed to the R2 character TWICE!

GGs to everyone in casuals and singles. I just wished i had more money to enter the singles cvs2.

no problem calm. You u know i always got ur back. waaaay back =b jk

Much Love to Allison/Angel of Darkness-

She up my game alot.

  1. DVD Recorder
  2. Food
  3. Extra TV’s
  4. Projector
  5. Bracket assistance
  6. Door
    and many more things from planning and preparations side.

Thank you

Although you did rob leland of his guilty gear matches and his 3s money, :lol:

That’s what you get leland/(jebailey couching in his ear) for putting me out of cvs2. Thanks again AOD, i mean lets work to make sure this doesn’t happen to any one again.:cool:

ooooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhh, why you talking so much shit now jamal. I’m not absolutley sure if i’m going to worlds but the next tournament i see you at MONEY AND FOOD MATCH! I want you to give me money for my alcohol and the food to make sure i don’t get to drunk, while laughing at victory. I hate you:crybaby:

I’m going to send the videos to my boy this week so he can do whatever editing that needs to be done.

Hey as anyone seen my MAS? Apart of the protective rubber has started to stip off. and my jab button is now broken.