Arcade Renaissance VENGEANCE Results and Shoutouts

1st - Matt Mosly
2nd - Keith
3rd - HRNUT

Super Turbo
1st - Mavrick
2nd - Trent Van Deven
3rd - Jose

Marvel vs Capcom 2
1st - Peter “FlashMetroid” Susini
2nd - Peter “Aznboi” Nguyen
3rd - Ozzie “Sentinel’s Force”

1st -Peter “FlashMetroid” Susini
2nd- Alex “Googlemyname” Jebailey
3rd- Leland Miller
4th- Jose Seishin

Third Strike
1st Peter
2nd-Daher "Zerog"
3rd Jae
4th Alex Jebailey

Soul Calibur
1st - Dwayne “Enkindu” Schutlz
2nd - Ice Kid

Guilty Gear
1st - Pedro Susini
2nd - Alex T (senkei)
3rd - Alex G
4th - Ben Lagon - Broward Baby!
5th - Hotnix/MakoInfused

King of Fighters
1st - Jose
2nd - Billy
3rd - David Richardson

Shout outs:

David “Calmwarrior” Richardson - Thanks again for another dope tourney. Turnout seems to be increasing and it’s nice to be a part of that. I owe you some canned goods so I’ll get at you.

Charlie Goblyn! - One of the “ghost mixes” that people played on was mine, but most of you played on Charlie Goblyn’s Phantom or Shadow Mix. The dude is too pro with his mixes so big ups to him for teaching me how to edit the transparencies and for providing the mixes.

Leland - it’s okay man. Even men cry. Just… not over video games. I thought David raped your mom and made you clean up after the way you looked.

Rick - Stop drinking yourself to death. I don’t know which hurt more, your liver or Leland’s pride.

Luke and Stan - STRONGER THAN BIG PUN’S PALLBEARERS! Tampa’s own Statler and Waldorf. It wouldn’t be a tourney without you dudes. Had a good time. You’re tighter than Jebailey’s shirt.

Eder - Why are you so gangsta? :wow: And why didn’t you play peter for money? I feel like I missed out on leveling my pockets up.

Vercette - Way to rep and beast on garvin. Orlandoooooooooooooooooo!

Peter Nguyen - You’re a beast and a nice guy. You gotta go to final round and surprise a few niggas.

Peter Susini - This nigga had the TOUCH. Nobody was seeing peter all tourney. He couldn’t even see his opponent the last match and prayed his way to victory. He closed his eyes and the glow took over.

Ozzie - Hit those fast flies man! I’ll put the tampa music on whichever mix you want and get it to you. Do you even play marvel anymore? you were hella beasting without caring.

Ben - Stop running into shit! Calm down and play safe instead of letting your face be a Tron magnet. Always good chilling with you though. We need to get you bcack up to beast status so i’m gonna try to get peter/eder/kevin/mike through.

Lee/Lurch - I still have no idea how you put all those drinks down so fast. You need to money match people in that shit.

Jebailey - Good shit coming out. hit the ast side and get down with us sometime.

Trent - What happened? BWAHAHAHAHA. You came talking shit and left with a mouth full of Mav’s coacoa nuts. Stop dodging and practice with us. I wish Carlos would have been there so you could have tasted third.

James - HOLD THAT SHIT! Literally. Getting DQ’ed because you went to dump and didn’t tell anyone is :tdown:.

Allen - What is the matter with you lol You lose to the most random people after running through folks like Eder.

Kevin - Good shit. You’re still a beast, but Flash was in the Matrix.

Rodrigo - You’re gonna have a problem if people learn to ROLL. JUST ROLL LOL. But good shit headcrushing the shit out of everyone.

Dwayne - Still the shit in SC. No one is seeing the super gimp. NO ONE. You make me want to play again. But I won’t.

Orlandoooooooooooooooooooooo - Stop ducking and get at me.


Awesome event, Thanks David for running another great event.

Good shit on CVS Jebailey. I warned’em, but they didn’t listen. Your play style is unique but solid. Yiou should go to FR with us.

David thanks for throwing such a great event I know it’s a lot of work, and we all appreciate the hard work. It was great seeing old faces again! Next time I’ll try to be better prepared, I think I need a p360 though lol.

Stan and Luke - Man it was great seeing ya’ll again, this is what I miss from tournaments mad shit talking and big laughs. It’s hardly a tourney without you guys.

Allen - Step your game up kid! I don’t know what happened to you that game, but better decisions dude!! But it was great chillin’ with you, I wish I played you more.

Anthony Warlock - Yea man, I need to practice more but I’ve got really no one to play without here lol. Also, I’ve been focusing a lot on finishing school.

Everyone else great seeing ya’ll again! I wish I could type more, but I’m kind of hung over from my party I had after the tourney.

David-sick tourny bro, thnx for makin us come at 9am friday btw…
Thbx for the hook up on the 2 night we stayed.

Alex/meagan-crazy faust, I jst need to find a way to get in ur face to pot buster u. I’m gettin scared of meagans faust next tourny already :wink:

Jose-sick matches bro, dnt let david boss u around to move tv;s well jump him.

Peter-u suck…j/k. Way to clean house. Thnx for the props on gg. Sick ihop moments to wit the wow encycolpedia. And the warglaive stick.

Richel-i believe u, u gave peter tht round in 3s. and ur $2000 phone, tht shit got cable?

Andrew-u shld have put noney on tht semi finals on me. I told I got u it. and I kno tht secret chun practice.

Jason-eddie pad??? Thts all I have to say. Gg

Ben/choi-sick johnny and zappa. Hope to play u soon. nice robo ky.

rick-bro u drink to much :::)))

adam-i know ur tired frm runnin smash and mvc2 damn, tht shit was hyped…could u update with the gg results(top6) too thnx, w/e happen to kof did it go thru?


What were they?

Hey Ant, did you or anyone tape my match against Garvin? :frowning:

Nope. :frowning: I didn’t have my camera set up yet and then I gave up when people wouldn’t stop walking through the big screen. I got two of rodrigo’s matches and I have one I can’t identify. MSP vs SSP? Will got a bunch of later matches leading up to the finals.

Ugh, mad gae…

That’s Allen vs Eder

sorry, man.

Guilty Gear Result:

  1. Pedro Susini
  2. Alex T (senkei)
  3. Alex G
  4. Ben Lagon - Broward Baby!
  5. Hotnix/MakoInfused


Jose, Billy, and me Respectively

I’ll do my shout outs and thanks later.

BIG UP TO MIKE FOR STEPPING HIS MARVEL GAME UP. Good shiat on beating garvin.

Thanks man, Peter raped me though, as for FR I’m gonna definitely consider it, I’m going to play SF4 when it comes out very seriously so we’ll see how it goes.

I remeber when you laughed in my face last AGR when i told you i wanted to play Alex G.


i had great fun i’ll do more shout outs laters

and could i get a full GG results so i can post it in dustloop.


shouts to everyone

senkei good shit man i had ur back the whole time dude good shit.

peter- i hate u… =b ur too good meng but i got u with the new games =D

david- next time ealier finals lol we gota drink that shit leland and rick drink

glitch-good seeing ya again. well get some kof games in next time

zerog- i knew that wasent ur name!!! u and pedro confiusing me dammit!

anthony- u forgot me for third in st!!! lol its kool doh

mutambo aka mav- good shit in st. learn something els doh man!!! i want to see more ticks and tricks

brawl crowd- luck i didnt enter!! my game and watch is too nasty. makes nakes look like worms.

alex- good shit in everything you played. R-groove baby!!

Thank you all that made bets and paid me.


man i wish i would have made some money it just seemed too easy lol. Shouts to everyone. thx again david for inviting. Anthony you got my number now nigga so there’s no excuse lmao im (running) how you dissapeared before the end of the tourney. LOL. And yea next tourney im drinking what rick and Leeland was drinking!!! peace

{See yall At Final Round Bitches!!!}

P.S Ill be back in orlando when Tatsunoko vs. Capcom Comes out on the 11th. we will try and set up some matches in that then.

hahaha my bad ben i hadent seen ur post.

yea we’ll jump him at final round!!

orlando broward KICKUuuu!:mad::rofl::looney:

solid pot btw. super close match ups. that last all life combo in the end was INSANE!!!

Seriously I want to try to make it up to Orlando like once a month from now on. I dont care what we play, I had a blast. Hope to see you all on that HD remix this month online and offline!!

David: You keep throwing awesome events bro. I know this shit aint easy but you do a great job!!

Bojack: Thanks for coming out man I know its hard for you, but it was cool getting to talk to you again. Good luck with the whole wife and kids thing!!

To the new CVS2 blood that lurk here on SRK: We gave you all some numbers to get together and get some games in, I hope you take that opportunity. Orlando has a lot of good people willing to teach other players and help step their game up. Hope to see you all soon!!

Yes I did drink to much, but after listening to Mavrick for 3 straight hours do you really blame me. I was looking for a way out and drinking seem convenient.

Cold Bloodedddddddddddddddddddd

LOL yup, we’ll catch david when hes not lookin.

kid: im good at cvs2 how much is entrance fee?
david: $10 for both days, u could play some casuals for now while i set up.
mavrick:u said ur good? grab a pad.
kid:<cocky walk> aiite.
mavrick: sho sho sho sho sho sho sho sho sho sho sho sho sho sho sho sho
david/me: <shakes head>

@david^^: tht niga mav raped thursday never came back huh?