Arcade Resurgence 1 Results

Gameworks SF4 2v2 SE

12 teams

  1. Marcus (BI) & Lee-K (RU) 80$
  2. Sharktongue (AK) & G (VE) 40$
  3. Team FREE SprigganFree (AK) & FreeLFree (RY) 20$
  4. King of Bums (AB) & ReyArt (EF) Monopoly$

Thanks for the good turnout. I think things ran well, just about 2 hours for 12 teams. I had a great experience, especially with the hours following the tournament itself. I will speak to the manager about the tournament, and will likely continue this at a monthly pace. Eventually, if there is enough interest, I may increase the number of teams.

What did I miss?! :sad:

Man… Can’t believe I lost to Marcus. What a shame. I’ma go commit suicide now.

GGs to everyone I played.

VGGs. :sweat:

Can’t wait for my damn stick to get here so I can finally get in some tournies. Good shit everyone on keeping the chicago scene alive. If there is another one of these I’m definitely there.

Awesome tournament Marcus, things ran smoothly from the look of it. Can’t wait for the next one!

Oh, and Spriggan, I’ve decided to set aside all my life goals and ambitions to one day finally beat your Akuma with Fuerte.

It would probably help if I faced people who actually used focus :sad:

daaaaaamn sharktougue fucking reppin waukegan like whut

GGs everyone and congrats to Marcus & Lee!

Thank you Marcus on a successfully run tournament!

Also TY for your input on the Bison sprite I made earlier; changes have been made accordingly (and improved my sprite overall in the process).

Here is your special Bison sprite:

Very nice Akuma Sharktongue! Hope to see you at GameWorks in the future.

Results are fuckin crazy weird… expected GLB/Spiggan to win.

GoodShit to Reyart and Kurt

Wow, interesting results. Good stuff, guys.

I’m excited for the next one.


What makes them interesting?

GGs to everyone. I can’t wait for the next one!

What kinda style did the 2v2 go?

Team AB vs Team CD

A vs C, A wins
B vs D, D Wins
A vs D


pokemon style where winner stays?

pokemon style.

pokemon style is kinda dumb imo

Dont you fucking talk bad baout pokemon! Ill kill you! You dont know anything! My charizard will fire spin dat ass son! den my pikablu gon aquatail you into submission. then my hitmonlee gon sweet chair muzik you back to WI scrub

You guys are lucky I didn’t play. I went five rounds with Ari last night.

He was using Vega.

ggs to everyone. Got sweeped in my bison vs honda match, but still proud of how i played being that it was my first tourny. Hopefully ill actually win a round next time lol. Good job marcus, and thx to my partner bao.