Arcade Resurgence 2: Gameworks SF4 2v2 Monthly. Schaumburg, IL. 10/25/09


Arcade Resurgence 2: Gameworks Street Fighter 4 2v2 Tournament

Gameworks at the Streets of Woodfield
601 N Martingale Road
Schaumburg, IL 60173

Map and Driving directions:

Sunday, October 25th
5:45pm signups
6:45pm start

Tournament Fees:
5$ tournament fee per person
5$ venue fee per person
10$ cost total per person

Tournament Structure:
16 teams
2v2, Single elimination
3/5 rounds per match
1 unique character per team (no Ryu/Ryu, etc.)
Winner stays on format*
*(Team A & B play Team 1 & 2. If Player A plays Player 1 and Player A wins, the next match will be Player A vs Player 2. If player A wins again, his team moves on. If Player 2 wins instead, Player 2 will fight Player B for the final match)

Tournament Prizes:
1st place: 90$ (or 56.25%)
2nd place: 50$ (or 31.25%)
3rd place: 20$ (or 12.5%)

Last tournament we had some donations to the prize pool, so extra cash may be available to earn.
If we end up with fewer than 16 teams, then the prize money will be allocated by percentage.

For the convenience of tournament play, the venue fee will provide:

SF4 on free play until close (Midnight)
Big screen hooked up to cabinet for easier watching
Bar tables and chairs set up around cabinet for additional convenience

Tournament Registration:

Last tournament we had a good showing, but we can do better! Tournament ran from 6:45 to 9:00, leaving three hours of free play to enjoy. This time however, an actual nice flyer will be posted at Gameworks three weeks prior to the tournament date. We had a couple of unregistered teams show up last time, so the additional cushion before the next tournament will mean that a full roster is likely. Signing up guarantees your spot, but please be near certain you can attend. Back up slots are available should we fill up and get no-shows.

Sign up today!

  1. scottemad123 & ginz2(BA/EH)
  2. Tactics & Dfly (RY/BI)
  3. Nives & RichL (SG/RU)
  4. Marcus & Some Brown kid (BI/RY)
  5. Freshyoungdude & FPStud (SG/AK)
  6. Spriggan & Part2 (RY/AK)
  7. Arbie21 & Dan (BA/BI)
  8. Samuraisaint & Ottosaurus (EF/EH)
  9. Emac & Babalu (RU/BL)
  10. Sharktongue & Brominated (AK/BL)

Substitution spot
Substitution spot

When your team arrives and each team member hands in their 10$ tournament fee, you will draw from a hat of sixteen cards and your team will be assigned a number. This number will not only be your proof of purchase, but it will be used to determine your opponent. (I will also keep a record of this token, so no switching once you find out what number the chun-li girl and Spriggan have). When a match starts, each team will hand in their card, with the winner getting theirs back. If you don’t have a card, then you won’t be allowed to play. The card number first round matches will be:

1 vs 2
3 vs 4
5 vs 6
7 vs 8
9 vs 10
11 vs 12
13 vs 14
15 vs 16

This will ensure no bias, no seeding, and pure random allocation.

Since this is single elimination, and technically two 3rd place slots, there will be a 3rd place match between the losers of each semi-final match after the finals have been played.

If there are fewer than 16 teams, there will be a random selection of card number(s) who will recieve a first round bye in the tournament.

Because of the single cabinet, and the simplicity of single elimination and the matchup system, matches will be prepared as soon as the cards are purchased and matches will be called in rapid succession. This time, I will have access to the overhead microphone system, so you need not have to stay around the tournament area the entire duration of the tournament. However, for speed sake, you are encouraged to be close and be aware of your team when called. I will call the current match and the match on deck each time, so you will have plenty of warning. If your team is holding up the tournament after a minute of being called for your match, you will likely be disqualified. No execptions.


Ill try to drag Dfly into this for Team “Tactics carries dfly” hahaha, but i do get out of work right at 6 but I should be able to make it to gameworks by 6 30.


im assuming eric and i will be a team again sooo



Who wants to join TEAM TOO MANY UPPAHCUT


I gave a 15 min grace period last time for any team that registered and didn’t show by start time, so I’ll write you guys in for now. Let me know if anything changes.


come on people sign up early so i know who im gonna beat!


30/m/Algonquin seeking partner for discreet gaming


Jerry and I will team up to fight the forces of…evil SRK people?



Is there a certain age limit? I know GW has some age restrictions based on the time of day, not quite sure about the specifics.


No age limit. Last time (even though it didn’t matter), if you under-aged and in the tourney, GW let you stay 'til 10:30.

Hope that helps.

  • Mike


I might come to this. Not 100% sure yet though.


I think i’ll go to this with a friend of mine…seems very tempting. Does the 21+ rule after 9 still apply? I’m 20 but I don’t wanna be kicked out in the middle of the tournament >_<

Edit: nevermind, just read the post above.


Anyone need a partner? I have no friends, see.


Is this just SFIV?




Put me down and my friend Sean down. (Ryu/Ken)


this arcade only? or is it gona be ps3 or 360 console? if on console more chances of me and a friend showing up.


1 arcade cabinet. If you are discouraged, I’ll wear an edible thong. Whatever makes you guys sign up.


we’ll have to see then.


I’ll go but need a partner. Jerry can I bum a ride?