Arcade Revival @ UCR| Riverside, CA |GEEK WEEK EVENT: MON, MAY 21st | Guest Speaker: MikeZ @ UCR


Glad to hear things are picking up for AR!


I live in the far away land of Canadia, but I’m extremely interested in hearing what Mike has to say. Do you know if it will be recorded or streamed?


Haha yeah i’m glad too! I was very surprised it was on the front of srk hahaha.

But @SRKmind, i do want to at least record the session if i can’t get a stream active. If i get a stream, i’ll def post up and let people know :]


Hey! I live right by UCR lol. So theres guna be games playing at the lattitude 55? Where is that exactly? Also: I’m Kinda confuzed on the playing games part. Do i just show up? Or what lol.


So how did this go? I wasn’t able to get the day off. Was the talk recorded?


Bump. Anything going on anytime soon?


Bump, anything happening this month?


Were going to need An Arcade Revival Revival if we don’t get something going soon :o




Yeah this thread is dead. YO FENN!! It’s your time now! Take the reins and run with it!


Do you guys still have events? I live in Riverside & Really been searching for fighting game scene…


If Anyone in riverside wants to play some casuals or like show me where fighting game scene is please message me.


Hey, you can check out Super Arcade (yes THE Super Arcade where WNF and TRB are hosted) in Walnut on Fridays for console casuals. 5 bucks and you get a free drink. Good competition for Marvel, AE, TTT2, and more. IE Battlegrounds hosts Sunday night casuals at James Games Arcade (also 5 bucks). Follow IE Battlegrounds on twitter @IEBattlegrounds and Super Arcade @SuperDojo for the most recent happenings and events.


Haha unforchunatly i don’t have the luxury of driving to LA No car But yeah, I looked up super arcade I found its the closest Japanese arcade arround.


Super Arcade is in Walnut and James Games is in Upland. Both of which aren’t anywhere near L.A… If you can make the effort to somehow make it out to any of those spots, I think you’ll find it worth the trouble.


I’m sure tough with out wheels.


Oi oi is this still a thing?
If it is… Does anyone good into moding sticks.
… I mean I got a chip to mod a madcatz stick to be 3 platform.
Is there anyone willing to fix it up for me for some modest compensation yea? :3


No, this is dead.