Arcade Scene in London

Im going to spend a couple of days in London this summer and, although Im going to be a little busy, I’d like to play some Street Fighter while Im there, and maybe get some Sanwa parts for my joystick if possible. Does anybody know somewhere in London where I can find 3rd Strike players? And what about Sanwa parts?

Thanks a lot. Peace

Last time I went to the Trocadero they had a 3rd Strike machine, … as well as Alpha 3, 2 and a few S2T machines too. Everyone seems to gather around the Vanilla machine mind. Not sure if you’ll get much in the way of competition in terms of 3rd Strike but I managed to get a few games of Vanilla there. I’ve even seen some of the UK tournament players in there. If you’d like me to give you directions etc for when you actually go, message me and I’ll tell you of a few other arcades too.