Arcade SF2 VS SNES/Genesis ports, GBA ST?

Well, as we all know, the SNES/Genesis ports of SF2 have fully redrawn sprites, stages, though they looks similar(especially SNES), nothing is exact. Characters missing animations, lacking their defensive backward walking, background missing little details, ect…

So, how much of the GAMEPLAY translated over? I remember some stuff being the same, and some being different. But it’s been since those systems were “in” that I’ve played/owned thier ports of SF2’s, and like all us I had all of them, on both systems. Back then I really know the big difference in CE to HF, I used to think it was just new colors, new moves, and speed.

Some stuff I mean is like in Super SF2 on Genesis, Ryu can get a 7 hit “combo”. And in the aracde, some of that suff was taken out.

Are the REAL change in CE to HF present in the SNES “Turbo” and Genesis “Special Champion Edition”? Like M Bison’s PC chip from CE, different move priorities, ect?(HF Balrog is nasty!, CE’s not as much)

Or, what about the GBA port of Super Turbo? It uses the SNES sprites for most things, but some sprites are ripped from the aracde, like the new attacks that weren’t in Super(like Ryu’s new punches), or even Akuma, his whole sprite is arcade, including the defensive walk back, which noone else in it has(like Gen/SNES). I’m sure that fact alone makes some difference?

Where do these games pank in terms of home to aracde?

SNES Super
Gen Super

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i can vouche at least for this.

super SNES had turbo mode, which, in my opinion, made it far superior to the arcade version of it, and with that being said, I think that it was the second best version of SF2, with super turbo arcade being the best, and hyper anniversary tied with that. I never really played the other SF games enough to know the difference, and likewise, never played the geneis super.

the GBA Super Turbo was changed a lot, especially in terms of combos, since it was so awkward to do many of them. It doesn’t really stand up as a good street fighter to me, but, I do feel it was the best of the handheld ports that I’ve played (How’s alpha 3 for PSP)?

Alpha 3 PSP…well, I used a game save, and pretty much use all the ism+plus, and I only use the registered mod characters…So, I can’t REALLY compare it to an arcade one.

It has full aracde/DC/PS2 sprites, animation and backgrounds. It’s perfect from that aspect, not cut/redrawn in lower quality like the GBA A3 compared to the arcade.

genesis Honda HHS does A LOT of damafe on block

The kid with the backwards baseball cap and the insane finger-pointing attitude says that the Genesis version is even better than the arcade… that’s good enough for me.

Roo is top tier as well.

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The SNES version of SF2 is what got me hooked on the vs games. But… I’d say that the Genesis version (SF2CE) was the best of the home versions. Genesis’ CE was just a tic or two faster and more responsive than the SNES’s Turbo. As for how they compare with the arcade? I like the arcade better. So… Arcade > Genesis > SNES.

Capcom should be sued for US and PAL GBA ports of ST, seeing as the game crashs if you manage fight Akuma instead of Bison in Arcade mode, the Japanese version is the only one that works.

Bitching aside, whilst the Megadrive ports of CE/Turbo and Super were just as good gameplay wise (provided you had a 6 button pad) the Snes ports better graphics and far superior sound gave them the edge imo. Only advantage the Genesis ports had was that Megadrive owners didnt have to fork out for the same game 3 times. Afaik SSF on the Megadrive was 40 megabits compared to 32 on the Snes, though the the only difference was a couple of extra sounds.

let’s not sue capcom, thanks.