Arcade SF4 (Which Character?)

Okay… so I went to the arcade today… I have both SF4 and SSF4 but I currently play SSF4… Juri.

There’s NO JURI IN SF4 (sad). So I had to play Ryu, Ken, and Balrog… (I absolutely suck with them but I do know basic things).

I’m going to stay away from Ryu and Ken though…

So I’m going to ask Balrog or Abel? My friends suggested Sagat or Rufus…

In SSF4 I’m not the best player either.

(Looking for a character good in SF4 arcade and SSF4)

Find the one you like to play most.

Play that one.

Play whoever you liked in SF4…

Why do you have to stay away from Ryu and Ken?

Because… I was really flowcharty LOL especially with Ken. I feel like trying something new too… because the whole time in SF4 I’ve been playing the same characters and I have never touched the other characters.

Avoiding Ryu and Ken won’t force you to not play like an idiot.

Yeah, that’s true o_o… but hey! I’m not really like that anymore ;D…

I don’t even have to say it. Awesome.