Arcade Shock: 9 Hori Real PS3s in Stock




I could be totally off but 200 is a bit high for that stick I think.


Yeah I agree with 100% but just thought I’d post it up as the HRAP along with every other stick now is super hard to find. I’ll bet my left foot that if everyone can wait till about April or hell even May we’ll all be able to get the sticks we want for reasonable prices.


I just got mine 3 days ago for 99 off amazon, this deal is a rip


Fucking rip off. Don’t support this scalper. Why the hell did you make this thread? You might as well throw up some links to the ebay scalpers as well… thumbs DOWN.


read my 2nd post and STFU


I was looking into Ebay prices and everything and fuck me sideways, the prices are ridiculous at the moment. $200 plus before shipping. No way on earth could I justify that for a stock stick. Custom maybe. And to be honest, I need something soon. I am using a friends namco stick which is pissing me off but is better than a pad so I know I need to make a move soon.


Yeah it’s a rip off. But sticks are hard to find, so for those with money to splurge, wee!


dude ebay is still like 50 bucks cheaper


lol, i love how they pretend that they bought from another reseller at a higher price to jack up the price on the HRAP3 and the HRAP EX.