Arcade Shock making their own stick

What do you guys think of Arcade Shock coming out with their own stick? I don’t know about proprietary arcade parts though, but its nice to see another company throw their 2 cents into the stick game.

Semi Excited, depending on what I can do with it inside and out (and the price of course).

looks similar to the round one TE stick, which is a nice design. curious as to what material the case is made out of… wood, plastic, metal?

The implication that I have gotten from their Facebook posts are that it is going to be a metal stick. They say it’s not ABS and it is made by an automobile manufacturer in Japan. That could also imply a different type of polymer though. Hopefully they will show more than just a render soon.

i wish they still made MAS clones

Stronger discussion on this topic in the Team Tech Talk Facebook group, FYI.

Saw their facebook post. Said it wouldn’t be inexpensive in one of their replies. So eh, who knows. I may just end up sticking with Jasen, Tek, and other cases out there.

I just want to know when those metallic buttons and tops are comin from Sanwa they announced awhile back.